Crazy Vending Machines That Are Famous

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Life is perfect when we have everything handy around us. Running about to get things done gets quite hectic, and most of us are quite busy these days that we end up in avoiding such tough tasks.

If you wonder what we are talking about here, then we're talking all about vending machines that have made life easy for us these days.

These vending machines can help us get a quick access to stuff that we want, within minutes. They have been used immensely from the time they have been invented.

The first coin-operating vending machine was invented in the year 1880's, and since then, there is no looking back for these machines.

With the hi-tech world that we are living in today, we get everything under the sun in these vending machines these days. You name it, and it's got be found in a vending machine!

Machines have live lobsters to hot dogs! That just makes life so much more easier, doesn't it?

So, find out more about these unique vending machines that are ruling the world these days.

Lettuce Vending Machine In Japan

This unique lettuce vending machine produces fresh lettuce using the florescent light bulbs. It is believed that it can grow 60 lettuce heads per day!

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French Fries Vending Machine

This vending machine stores frozen potatoes. Once you place an order, the fries get fried instantly; and the best part is, you can season the fries as per your choice.

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Beer And Sake Vending Machine In Japan

This vending machine has disposable beer, whiskey, cocktails and many more drinks to its credit. The only drawback about this vending machine is that it closes at 11 PM.

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Egg Vending Machine In Japan

You can get just anything from a vending machine! This vending machine is stocked with fresh eggs every single morning.

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Hot Bread Vending Machine In Germany

This unique vending machine heats up the bread instantly in seconds when you place an order. Isn't it cool?

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Hot Burger Vending Machine In The United States

This crazy vending machine serves you hot burgers instantly. The bun and patty are warmed at the perfect temperature, which gives you a fresh feel.

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Canned Bread Vending Machine In Japan

You get these cute cans of breads at the cost of just $4!! The best part about this is you get different flavours of bread.

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Lobster Vending Machine In Las Vegas

This vending machine was quite famous as it played on your luck. Tinoco's Bistro a restaurant used this trick where a person would have to insert $2 and if a lobster pops out, they would cook it free for you!

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Mashed Potato Vending Machine In Singapore

This unique vending machine would serve you a cup of mashed potatoes at the cost of just $1. Isn't that really cool!

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Banana Vending Machine In Japan

This vending machine is located in Tokyo's Shibuya train station. This machine dispenses both single as well as bunches of bananas. They are fresh and are wrapped in plastic.

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