Unique Things To Gift Your Enemies

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When we fall apart and make enemies, the only thing that we wish to do is to spoil our enemy's life or take revenge to an extreme where the person is hurt the most.

Since you are not willing to have a one-on-one contact with the person anymore, there are a couple of gifts that are available in the market, perfect for an enemy.

These are gifts which will help you take your revenge and make you smile, while the other person burns along.

Find out more about the most interesting and unique gifts that you can give to your enemy, and sit back and enjoy the fun.

There is a wide range of gifts that are available in the market these days, from sending fresh animal poop to even sending an empty box, you get them all!

So, read on to know more about these unique things to gift your enemies, to show them what it's like to mess with you!


This most-disgusting thing would be on the list first, as you get the choice to select different kinds of poop from different animals. The company that offers this service claims that the poop is of high quality, farm raised, eco-friendly, and a hand-picked animal poop.

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Box Of Sand

This is one of the best gifts to give to an enemy. Send them a box of sand and watch them ruin their carpet or house instantly with the fine sand that would refuse to be removed.

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Glitter Bomb

This concept became a hit when it was shortly introduced. The moment the person would open the envelope, the glitter bomb would burst and the person would be all painted in glitter.

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Ship an empty box to your enemy and see their eyes go bright when they receive the parcel. All that they would find in the neatly packed box is just...Nothing!!

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Dog's Poop

In a small town in Spain, the authorities were tired of seeing dogs litter all around. They had a master plan of indulging in talk with the dog's owners and knowing their breed and other details; and once they found that the dog had pooped, it was picked and parceled to the owner. This reduced the menace on the streets. Great idea, guys!! Now, how about gifting this to your rival!

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A Bag Of Jelly Manhood!

This is the worst gift a person could possibly think of!! Imagine the look on your enemy's face when they'd receive a bag filled with jellies that are shaped like a "Penis". To add to the burn, you could leave a personal note with it as well!

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How about mailing a potato that has just a few stamps and the person's address on it? Well, isn't it great to see them analyse as to why they got this weird gift in the first place!

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Non-Stop Music

This card has the perfect words that will make your enemy realise how much you hate him/her. The best part about this card is that when the person opens the card, an annoying music starts to play; and it goes on for 3 long hours or until you completely destroy the card. Cool isn't it?

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 11:52 [IST]
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