Unique Adult Parks And Attractions

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These days, adult parks and attractions are the most "In" things. People are more curious to know and visit these places.

Adult parks and other attractions are for people who are above 18 years of age. These places are created just for amusement sake and to fulfill vague fantasies of people.

In this article, we are here to share info on some of the unique adult parks and attractions that have amused the world.

These are the places where adults get to explore many outrageous things and also get their adrenal rush by playing in rides that are solely meant for adults.

Some of the main attractions of these parks include rides that are way too scary for young people and also the fact that people have gone nude, in order to raise funds for a noble cause.

Well, read on to know more about the list of unique adult parks that you've got to check in your life!

Chambers Of Horror

This is an Atlanta's adults-only extreme haunted house that can give nightmares to anybody. Here, you could see the disaffected wreak havoc on the flesh of the innocent. To add even more of a sense of disorientation, an elevator trick has been recently added to bring guests down to the "basement" of the building.

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London's Sex & Relationships Academy

This self-described academy was an erotic theme park that ran for 15 months. This park was full of exhibits that were interactive and hands on too! Visitors had a chance to interact with the sex therapist and they could also learn how to play erotic food games and also improve their flirtatious skills.

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BH Mallorca Park

This is the world's first adult-only water park. This park has 656 suites, international DJs who play soothing music, and it also has an Ibiza-style beach club. This park has high-adrenaline slides that includes an Aqualoop, a 360-degree human roller coaster, which can reach to the speed of 38 mph, which is impossible for the kids to handle.

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Haesindang Park

This is a South Korean park in which the male reproductive part is all highlighted. This park was made to dedicate it to a virgin woman who lost her life when she was swept away in a high-tide river. It is believed that the fishermen were not able catch fish after her death. So, in order to pay her a tribute, this weird park was created. To people's amusement, the fish myth worked and the fishermen were able to fish again.

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Would You Visit The Naked Roller Coaster?

In Southend's Adventure Island, volunteer's chose to be naked when on a ride, so that they could raise a fund of 10,000 pounds for a cancer appeal. This created a world record.

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This is a sex-themed amusement park, which is yet to be opened in 2018. In this amusement park, you would be able to ride in a penis-shaped bumper car, play erotic games and visit a history-of-sex museum.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 10:24 [IST]
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