20 Funny Sign Boards - ONLY IN INDIA

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If you're an Indian or are travelling to India, you may come across many funny hoardings that will make you laugh out loud. Some may be funny and some may just be out of this world!

In this article, we are here to share some of the most funniest sign boards that you may have come across, only in India!

These sign boards are generally made by people who are usually uneducated, but are still trying their best at learning the very "Phunny language, English".

A reality check on this revealed a shocking fact that the teachers who taught children in rural areas were themselves primary school dropouts. So, now we know who the culprits really are!

But, these guys just go on to show how interested they've been in learning something that has been taught totally wrong to them.

So, find out about these funny signs that will tickle your funny bones for sure!


Ohh! I guess the board meant "CONSTRUCTION" rather than what our dirty minds are thinking right now!

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Take away Rooms? Really??

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I guess the guy missed out on the alphabet "U".


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I bet Indian politicians let the cat out! And they call each other HORIBLE instead of "Honourable".

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Wow a family is up for sale along with the house! Any Takers here?

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Gurls! Do you want frog to wear, then just contact here!

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The guy who made this sign board has really shitty thoughts in his mind!


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This place is for those who want change of gender!

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Bridegrooms rush here to buy puppies for your brides!

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Guess the guy had tasted some semen and came up with this result.

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Who wants to try "LULLY PUP", please head here..

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Was this a sign board of Samsung! Really?? I doubt!!

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I fail to understand this family's name!!


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Am I the Only one with a dirty mind, huh?

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This butcher is kind enough to respect his goats before butchering them.

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Was it ANIL or ANAL?? Still thinking..

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Dude, do you realise you could be put behind bars for this!!!

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You meant Western Wear??? Even then whyyy???

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I'm sure this must be on purpose to embarrass the couple.

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I guess we already have 2 hands!

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 30, 2016, 15:05 [IST]
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