The Most Unimaginable Ways People Have Died

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Making fun is something that we all love to do, but what happens when fun becomes a tragic truth? Or something that can never be undone?

Though all fun activities do not result in death and other scary things, there are a few that will leave you shell shocked.

If you are wondering what we are talking about, then read on to find out more about the most unimaginable ways in which people have died.

These deaths have occurred when these people tried doing something else, but ultimately fell into the wrong hands of death.

From falling off from the Eiffel Tower in a parachute suit test to having a crazy sex time, people have lost their lives in the most unbelievable ways possible.

So, find out more about the most unlikely ways in which people have died.

Died Due To Eating Too Much Pudding

On February 12, 1771, King Adolf Frederick of Sweden decided to have over 14 bowls of Semla, which is a creme-filled pastry. His digestive system failed and he died that very day!!

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Died Because Of Wearing A Long Scarf

Dancer Isadora Duncan was a ravishing beauty with a slender neck and she loved flaunting long scarfs. On an unfortunate day, she was sitting in a sports car with a long scarf and it flew back and got caught in the rear wheel of the car. This split her neck into two pieces and instantly killed her.

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Death From Jumping Off A Cliff In A Segway

James W. Heselden was the owner of Segway Inc., but unfortunately, he accidentally jumped off a cliff while he was using a Segway. Call it tragedy or fate, it cost him his life.

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Death From Playing Music Too Loudly

Isaiah Otieno who was listening to music and walking on the road would have least expected his death to be this way. This guy had not heard the loud noise of a helicopter crashing on him, as he was too busy in hearing to the music he'd plugged in. It killed him, the pilot and passengers instantly.

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Death From Jumping Off The Eiffel Tower

On Feb 4th, 1912, Franz Reichelt who was a French tailor decided to create a wearable parachute suit for aviators. It was initially decided that it would be tested using a dummy. But, he insisted that he would try himself first. And the next minute you know, he fell for his death.

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Death From Playing Too Many Video Games

GAME OVER! Lee Seung Seop who was a video game addict was so dedicated to playing video games that he quit his job and played video games in a coffee shop. He played it for continuous 50 hours and had taken only toilet breaks and small naps in between. He died with a cardiac arrest and dehydration.

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Died Because Of Sex And Viagra Overdose

This is the most stupidest way a person could think of dying. Sergey Tuganov was a 28-year-old man who had a bet of $3000 with two women who claimed that he would not be able to bed both of them for an entire day. He took up the challenge along with a bottle of Viagra and after 12 hours, he died due to a heart attack.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 26, 2016, 17:56 [IST]
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