The Most Haunted Colleges Of India

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As we grow up, we are all excited to enjoy our college life. Be it the cool life or the funky attitude that we get into, we just want to enjoy these golden years to the fullest.

But with all this fun around, how would you react if you got to know that your favourite college is one of the most haunted colleges in India? Sounds spooky, right?

Well, in this article, we are here to share the list of the most haunted colleges in India. Check this list to learn more about the paranormal activities that are taking place in the most famous colleges.

Read on to know more about the Educational Institutes in India that have a history of paranormal activities being noticed, which can cause chills to run down your spine for sure.

If you are studying in any of these colleges, then do be careful, as some creepy stuff might crawl up on to your leg!

Read on to know more.

NIT, Hamirpur

It is believed that the Kailash Boys Hostel in the college campus has a haunted room in Block-C, where a student had committed suicide. The weirdest part about this place is that the room, where the student committed suicide, is believed to be haunted when a bluetooth device pops up with a name "BOY WHO DIED". Once you're out of the room, the connection is lost. Creepy isn't it!

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Women’s College, Calcutta

This college used to be a home for Sir Warren Hastings, and the fun fact is that he never left the place. According to many students, Sir Warren Hastings' presence is strongly felt around the new year eve. It is believed that the spirit rushes up the staircase in search of his documents, as he was charged for bribery.

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Khairatabad Science College, Hyderabad

This building has a spooky look that can give anybody nightmares. It is believed that mysterious deaths were reported in the college premises and the bodies were not given a proper disposition. There were times when the students saw walking skeletons, sparks and heard disturbing noises. A guard who was appointed to take care of the building also died under mysterious circumstances.

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Christian College, Madras

This is one of the most haunted colleges in India. It is believed that people often heard weird noises from the empty chemistry lab. It just sounded like someone was giving a chemistry lecture. Looks like a professor just loved his subject so much that he still teaches an empty classroom!

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Pune University

This is one of the well-maintained colleges with a perfect ambiance. But, the inner fact is that it is one of the most haunted colleges of India, where there is a grave of an Australian woman named Alice Richman who died of Cholera in 1886. Her spirit is believed to be haunting the entire campus.

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NIT, Rourkela

This campus is built on a 'Shamshan Ghat'. There have been instances in which students have heard utensils fall on their own or some of them have even found human bones in the cricket ground. All thanks to the Ghat!

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St Bede’s College, Shimla

This college is quite famous as Priety Zinta, who is a well-known actress, graduated from this college. There have been instances of sudden whistles and constant sounds that have been known to be coming from the dining hall, but the faculty has just shunned away these creepy tales.

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IIT, Roorkee

It is believed that a room is haunted, where a depressed student hanged himself in the premises of the college hostel. Thus, making it on the list of the most haunted colleges in India.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 12:37 [IST]
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