Surprising Selfie Stick Stories

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Taking selfies and sharing them on social media is a common thing that everybody does nowadays. But, there are so many things that have happened due to the use of these selfie sticks.

There have been many death or accidental stories that have been reported. These are the things which conclude that taking selfies all the time is not a safe option.

Here, in this article, we've shared some of the most shocking selfie stick stories that you must read for sure. These stories have got people into trouble for using a selfie stick just anywhere they go.

Some of these cases are of people who have caused blunders with the use of these unwanted sticks, while the rest are really unique and creative though.

Find out more about the interesting and yet shocking selfie stick stories that have gone viral, and still people would never give up on taking selfies!

The Man Who Caused A Roller Coaster Stoppage

Guests on a roller coaster ride in Disney California Adventure were stranded up for an hour in a ride, in which one of the guests had used a selfie stick and the ride was shut down. It took an entire one hour for the authorities to get the ride back to function again.

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The Selfie Stick Invention

What better way to get a warm feeling while clicking a selfie, right? Artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe have come up with a new invention known as the Selfie Arm. In this the person would hold an arm and click a selfie. How cool is that!

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An Impossible Selfie Photo

This photo is a "win" for the selfie stick. An aerial photographer Antony Loveless tweeted a picture of the US airmen casually hanging at the rare end of what appears to be a transport plane. The best part about this amazing picture is how casually they are sitting on the edge of the plane.

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The Politician Who Sparked Fury

This young politician Amran Hussain was at the receiving end when he was found clicking pictures at the Tunisian beach where a massacre had taken place just 3 days back before the picture was clicked. He was later thrown out of the party despite asking for an apology.

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The Colosseum In Rome Banned Selfie Sticks

All thanks to a US couple who had carved their initials on the walls of the great Colosseum in Rome! The couple were arrested after they'd posted the picture and were really apologetic about the incident.

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Selfie Sticks For Reporters

This is one of the upcoming technologies in which people can use a selfie stick to report an upcoming news, without actually having a camera person around. Though it is still in a testing stage, let's hope this idea would bloom in the coming days.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 14, 2016, 17:32 [IST]
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