Strangest Uses Of Sex Dolls

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The word sex doll makes your mind go crazy with all the weirdest and kinky thoughts that come into your mind. However, do not let your thoughts wander, as there are many other uses of these love-making dolls.

In this article, we are here to share some of the strangest uses of sex dolls, which people have used it for. These love-making dolls are not only used to satisfy sexual fantasies but are also used for many other things.

Find out about these interesting and weirdest things that people have been using these love-making dolls for.

These unique uses of love-making dolls will make you laugh really hard and also stun you for the way people have used these love dolls to suit their needs. So, check on to know more.

As A Movie Star

In the movie "Lars And The Real Girl", the guy who was a delusional young man has an unconventional relationship with a doll that he bought on the Internet.

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Use It As A Raft

This is the most hilarious one. A 19-year-old couple wanted to try something new and weird, so all that they did was to use an inflated doll as a raft. All was good until the girl's doll blew up after she lost her latex playmate in a rough patch. The couple had to be rescued later.

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As A Skydiving Partner

A man named "David" left his wife back home and took his love doll named "Bianca" on a long vacation and even took it along with him for his skydiving trip. Isn't it so crazy??

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As Material For Clothing

An artist named "Sander Reijgers" is known to have recycled inflatable sex dolls to make rain-resistant clothing. This is quiet creative, we must say.Image Courtesy


Used On "National Men's Day" Celebration

During "National Men's Day" celebrations, the Lithuanians used sex dolls as rafts to complete a swimming race. Totally wacky!

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To Access The Carpool Lane

In order to gain access to the carpool lane on the highway of Seattle, there have been numerous reports of people using sex dolls as their second passengers. Insane right!

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To Keep Your Pet Dog Away

To all the pet owners who're trying to keep their dog away from their feet when he tries to hump you or your furniture, this is the best thing you can gift your pup!
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Story first published: Sunday, April 3, 2016, 23:19 [IST]
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