Strange Things Banned Around The World

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There are many things that are banned around us. Unless we are fined we do not pay heed to it. In this article today, we are here to share the list of strange things that are banned around the world.

The things that are generally banned seem to be legit for some or other reason. But few things that are banned, make you feel what the...

Find out about these interesting and strange things that are actually banned around the world. Know about these things before getting fined the next time you caught in the act!

One needs to make sure they know about these places if they travelling around the world as most of these rules are imposed in different cities out there. Find out more on these interesting ban of things..

Kissing Is Banned In A Moving Vehicle!

Yes you read it right! A town named Eboli in Italy has this weird rule where kissing is banned in a moving vehicle. Now this makes one wonder who does this!

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Do Not Drive If Your Car Is Dirty

Yes, you read it right. In a Russian city named Chelyabinsk you can be fined for driving a car which is dirty.

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Illegal For A Man To..

Melbourne has a set of crazy rules where a man would be fined if he wears a strapless gown and dresses up like a lady.. Okay we leave the imagination to you.

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State Funeral

Any politician who died in the Houses Of Parliament was entitled for a state funeral as the buildings counted as a royal palace.

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Vacuuming During These Hours Can Cost You!

In Melbourne, Australia, this rule actually exists! People are not supposed to vacuum their houses between 10 pm and 7 am during weekdays . During weekend the timings slightly differ, i.e, between 10 pm and 9 am.

If You Do Not Smile You Would Be Fined

You can be fined and banned on streets of Milan if you do not smile. This is a perfect reason to see happy faces all around.

A Chewing Gum Can Be A Trouble

In Singapore importing chewing gum is totally banned since 2004. If you are caught chewing a gum, then be ready to pay the extra bucks.

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