Strange-Looking Things That Are Actually Fruits

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We live in a beautiful world. The nature is amazingly beautiful in itself. Keeping it neat and clean is something that we need to focus on now, so that we do not destroy the beauty of our enchanting planet.

Well, this article is related to the amazing list of fruits that just do not look like real fruits. In simple words, that's the beauty of nature. In this article,we are here to share some of the strangest-looking things that are actually fruits.

Find out how amazingly these fruits have been designed in a quite colourful and unique way.

Though some of these unique fruits are used for consumption, a few may be used for medical purposes. Read about these strange-looking things that are real foods and have amazing health benefits associated with them too.


This is a tropical fruit that originated from Indonesia and spread across the rest of the world. It is a small red-coloured fruit with spiky hair on its skin, which can give you a spooky feel when you touch it.

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This is a creepy-looking yellow fruit with big black seeds. It looks like it is staring right at you in your face. However, it tastes like nuts and has many health benefits. This fruit should be ripe before you pluck it.

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Buddha's Hand

This unique hand-shaped fruit has many medicinal values. The finger-like sections resemble a human hand that look weird. It is also called "fingered citron" and is used to make perfumes and medicines.

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This is also known as a miracle fruit for women. It is used to make oil, jam, wine and ice cream. It is known for its multi purposes in beauty and health care sector.

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Romanesco Broccoli

This is a member of the cauliflower family and is a veggie. But, the unique look of this veggie makes it up for this list of weird foods. It is generally used in certain cuisines.

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This fruit is considered to be quite nutritious and also has several properties that are good for the oral health. This fruit is used in the preparation of cakes.

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This weird-looking yet beautiful fruit is quite juicy and delicate in nature. It has many uses in the field of culinary and medicines. One of its unique uses is that the fruit is used for tanning shoes.

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This fruit looks amazing and beautiful, as the flesh of the fruit has a striking red colour. It is generally served at weddings. Due to its medical and culinary purposes, it is a highly favoured fruit to be served to everyone.

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This fruit can be called a replica of tomato. But, instead of tasting like tomatoes, it does taste like strawberries. Yummm, but quite a weird looking tomato!

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Markut Lime

This fruit is also known as Kaffir lime. This term is not used, as it is considered to be quite offensive. It is widely used in certain cuisines and for medical purposes.

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