Stolen Images That Shocked The World

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Our digital world can be fun and scary at times. Once you upload the image, there is no way to take it down. Even if you have deleted your post or the image, the stuff can still haunt you, like crazy.

Here, in this article, we've shared the list of stolen digital images. These are the images that have been taken from people even without their knowledge and have been used in various other things.

So, be aware of what you share online, as there is nothing that you can avoid after getting it on the net for the whole world to see.

One needs to understand the word "Viral", which means once the thing is circulated around, there is no way you can delete it, well, at least from the minds of people.

So, read on to know more about these interesting pictures that were taken without the permission of the owner.

A Child's Picture With Down Syndrome Used In An Ad

This little angel's photo was used on an ad in genetic testing. Christie Hoos, who's the mother of the kid, claimed that she was never asked for a permission for using her child's image for this ad. After a lot of struggle, the image was removed.

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A Family Christmas Photo Was Used In A Czech Ad

Danielle Smith and family clicked a perfect picture to share it with their family and friends. They did and after a few days they got a message from a friend who shared the screenshot of their family picture used in a hoarding board. Once the air was cleared, the image was taken off.

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The Woman Who Wet Her Pants In A Themed Park

This woman's embarrassing picture was used by the theme park stating that one in every 5 visitors would wet their pants every day! She claimed that her friends and family recognised it as her picture, though her face was hidden. After a few legal talks, she let them use her image.

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A Woman Whose Selfie Was Printed On T-shirts

Melanie Armsden who is a hair stylist found out that her selfie was printed on a T-shirt, even without her consent. She checked the company which printed these T-shirts and found out that they originated from India first. She fought the case, and now has the whole stock of her printed shirts, which she sells for the sake of charity.

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A Father And Daughter's Images Were Used In A Scam Of $4000

A man named Antonio Valente got a shock of his life when a distressed woman contacted him and asked him to return $4000 that she had transferred to the man's fake account. The man was unaware and reported the matter to Facebook, which later removed the profile.

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This Artist Used Other People's Instagram Photos And Made Money

Fraud artist named Richard Prince is known to have made a good amount of money by selling images each of $90,000 and more. Few of the artists did fight back to get their rights from this notorious man.

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This Texas Child Was “Digitally Kidnapped”

This mother got a shock when one of her friends sent her a link in which a man claimed to be the father of the child and he posted different pictures of the little kid. The mother checked with Facebook to complain, but she was told that the profile met the "community standards" and called it off.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 18:11 [IST]
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