She Insulted A Cancer Patient And This Is What Her Mum Did To Her

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What happens when you realise that your child is a bully. Definitely one would think of ways to teach the child a lesson in a little harsh way, so that the kid remembers the wrong that he/she has done. But, that was not the case with this mum who shaved her daughter's head for making fun of a cancer patient!

Here, in this article, we are about to share a case that is going viral on social media. A mother punished her daughter by shaving her head out of irritation and embarrassment that the girl had bullied a cancer patient about their bald heads.

Check out what exactly happened to the girl who was left ashamed for the wrong she did. Though it looks bad that the girl lost her long tresses, we think it is a good harsh lesson that her mum taught her!

Where It Happened...

It is said that the incident happened in some part of Portugal, as the mother and daughter can be seen speaking in Portuguese, although it is not confirmed which country this exactly happened.

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What The Girl Did?

She apparently had made fun of a bald cancer patient. This shameful incident was enough to trigger the poor mum who reacted in such a furious way.

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The Girl's Head Was Shaved...

The girl struggled a lot to stay away from her mother, but then she was not being spared, unless the last hair on her head was shaved.

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Lesson Learnt The Hard Way...

Though the girl had bullied a cancer patient, she learnt the lesson in a hard way where she had to lose her beautiful tresses. We're sure she would have felt real sorry then.

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Social Message...

It is very important for the parents to teach their kids about the effects of being bullied or being a bully. This is something that can get them into real trouble in the future.
Watch this video which summarises this fact perfectly.

Do you think it is the right punishment the girl deserved? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Story first published: Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 22:51 [IST]
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