Reborn Baby Dolls That Can Creep You Out!

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Reborn baby dolls are dolls that look just like infant dolls. These dolls are a great relief to new mothers who have lost their newborns due to some medical conditions.

Here, in this article, we've shared a few stories about reborn baby dolls. These dolls are amazing and look exactly like a real newborn, as they can even breathe.

Yeah, now that sounds scary right; however, these dolls do! Find out more about these interesting stories about reborn baby dolls.

Though these dolls can be a relief for parents who have lost their newborns, yet it can be used to creep people out and take an undue advantage for some criminal stuff.

Well, read on to know more about these bizarre, scary reborn baby dolls that are currently selling across like hot cakes! Find out more.

Most Expensive Reborn Baby

This reborn doll was sold on eBay for a whopping amount of $22,600 and is currently the most expensive reborn ever to be sold. Isn't it crazy that people spend so much to buy such insane things!

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A Premature Reborn For Sale

These reborn dolls are also known as "Preemies", which are of a smaller size and have feeding tubes attached to them. To give a real effect, few of these are even kept in incubators.

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Prince George Reborn Baby Doll Sells For Over 1600 Pounds

These dolls are most popular in England. Prince George doll was constructed based upon photographs that were released when he was discharged from the hospital, and these dolls have been sold on eBay for a whopping £1650.

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A Sterilised Mother Of Four Has Four Reborn Children

A woman named Wendy Archer from Middlesbrough spent £2000 on four reborn dolls, despite having four real children of her own. She went on to state that, "They aren't dolls, but are my babies, as they even smell like real babies." Woah! Now this is creepy!

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Baby VAMPIRE Dolls

If none of the previous reborn dolls creeped you out, we are sure that this baby vampire doll will surely scare you. The teeth look so real; and imagine it coming to life when the lights are off! Spooky!!

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There Are A Minimum Of 20,000 Reborners Worldwide

Since the time these life-size reborn dolls were invented in 1980s, a Spanish company named Berusa began making vinyl dolls that have an exceptionally realistic quality and feel to them. Research reveals that a minimum of 20,000 so-called Reborners have been created worldwide.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 0:07 [IST]
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