Quirky Things You See Only In India

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India is a country having various cultures. It is a very colourful country, in which you get to celebrate religious festivals together as one big happy family.

People of India though diverse in their customs and traditions have unity when it comes to certain things.

There are certain things that happen only in India, and we're sure you would never witness this anywhere else in any other part of the world.

These images, in this article, are hilarious and will surely make you think how we Indians can come up with something weird and as hilarious as this!

Check out these amazing "desi pictures", which will prove to you that Indians can be cool as always and as you'd imagined.

From celebrating festivals together and spreading harmony to finding quick-fix solutions for urgent needs, these pictures prove them all.

Find out and enjoy these amazing pictures and be proud to be an Indian.

Poor Bride

This guy for sure loves his friends more than his new life partner!

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Do Not Mistake This For The Famous Fast Food

This guy surely knows how to fool the crowd!

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We Carry Anything Along

This means we literally carry anything along in our bikes and just call it "JUGAAD".

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Unique Salon

This unique salon has quite interesting things to offer!

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Parenting Gone Wrong

We sure daddy dear was clicking his wife's picture. But this is just not cool.

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Monkey Taking Lift

This for sure happens only in India, where a monkey is given a lift along.

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Funny Boards

The guy who had put this post on surely had a good sense of humour for sure.

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