Photos That Will Make You Cry

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Pictures talk volumes. They are those moments that are captured at the best time and are cherished for life. However, what happens when these pictures are really touching and can make you cry?

Well, here in this article, we've shared a list of photos that will surely make you cry. These are the photos that have truly captured the real emotions of people.

We're sure these pictures can break your heart when you get to know the story behind them.

These are the images that have been captured at epic moments when the human emotions were at their peak.

So, find out more about these interesting pictures that will surely melt your heart and make you cry.

A Teacher's Funeral

The boy named Deigo in this picture is crying at the funeral of his teacher-cum-mentor who helped him escape poverty and violence through his kindness and their shared interest for music. What's really sad and heartbreaking about this picture is the fact that the boy died later in the same year due to leukaemia.

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Mourning Dog

This dog named "Leao" was found to be guarding his owner's grave who was killed in a landslide outside Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The image of this lonely, grief-stricken dog can melt anybody's heart right away!

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Kid Dragging His Alcoholic Father

This powerful photo has very less information though. It shows the desperation of a little child who is trying to drag his father back home but is unable to do so, as he is not able to lift him up.

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Captivated Animals

This is one of the pictures that shows how sad these animals feel, as they are trapped in for life. The giraffe in this picture is trying to eat the leaves from a poster painted on the wall of a captivity.

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A Father's Funeral

This boy was attending his father's funeral who was killed in a war. The emotions seen on the little boy's face show the sorrow that he is going through, while he is being comforted by the late dad's colleague.

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Auschwitz Gas Chamber

This photo shows the fingernail scratches on a wall of the gas chamber in the main Auschwitz camp. It shows the desperation of people trying to survive while they were thrown inside gas chambers that contained a poisonous gas. Over one million people died alone in this camp!

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Sudden Death

This image shows a brother mourning his teenage brother's death while the boy was stabbed in a gang-related incident. The pain in the brother's face is something very upsetting!

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A Malnourished Hand

This photograph is not morphed but it shows the inequality that goes on in this world. The bigger hand belongs to a missionary while the bulimic hand belongs to an African child who is extremely malnourished.

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Story first published: Monday, July 25, 2016, 12:31 [IST]
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