Olympics Athletes Who Won Medals By Cheating

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Olympics is a game in which cheating and drugs have always gone hand in hand since the very creation of the event.

There have been several cases in which the individual players or the entire team have/has tried to seek advantage over other competitors through unfair means.

Here, in this article, we've shared details about some of the athletes who have won medals by cheating.

These are the guys who have either cheated in the game by lying or have gone to a great extent, so that they could just win the medal.

However, these players couldn't get away with it for much longer, as they had been caught later and had to pay for their doings.

So, find out more about these players who clearly cheated and were exposed with their medals being ripped off from them due to thier lies.

Dora Ratjen

Dora won 4th place in the women's high jump event and went on to receive the gold medal in the European Athletics Championship. However, the medals were stripped from her, after they found out that she was a man. Due to confusion during birth and having very small genitals, he was raised as a girl.

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Ortrun Enderlein

She was a luge athlete who won a gold medal while her teammates were placed second and fourth. Other players in the game became suspicious and later on enquiry, it was revealed that the rails of her sleds were heated with chemicals before the race, which resulted in a greater speed by reducing friction with the ice.

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Boris Onischenko

During a fencing match, the British team complained that one of Boris' point was won without contact being made. His sword was examined closely and it was reported that his sword was modified, so that he could complete the circuit without touching.

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Ben Johnson

He won gold in the men's 100-meter dash. He broke the world record during the process. However, it was later discovered that he was using steroids, days before the game.

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Marion Jones

She was the first ever woman to win two bronze and three gold medals at the 2000 Sydney games. There were rumours about her using steroids; however, she denied all the claims, but later admitted that she had been using steroids. She was stripped off of her medals and was also sentenced to 6 months in prison for providing a false statement.

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Story first published: Monday, August 29, 2016, 1:06 [IST]
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