Mysterious People Around The World

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Generally, when we come across anything that is mysterious, it catches our attention. We try to figure out and know more about the mystery by doing some research ourself.

In this article, we are here to share some of the stories of mysterious people who've baffled the world with their mystifying ways. These people shocked the world and it can make us wonder as to how can anyone even think of doing such a thing.

While a few cases are some of the unsolved mysteries, others are something that you never even thought could exist.

Cases like a woman who had acid in her mouth and it never burnt her mouth can make one curious to know more about some interesting people, which this article talks about.

So, find out about these mysterious people who just vanished never to appear again. We're sure you would try to do a bit of research yourself after reading about these people. Read on to know more.

Le Loyon

A man dressed in a military uniform and a gas mask haunted the woods of a small village in Switzerland. When people tried talking to him, he would only stare and walk away. People kept seeing him in the woods for 10 long years before he finally disappeared, leaving behind his mask and clothes along with a note that said he is leaving for the good.

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Jo Girardelli

A woman named "Jo Girardelli" lived back in 1800's and is said to have swallowed red-hot objects without causing pain or harm to herself. She used to even rinse her mouth with nitric acid just to prove that it did no harm to her. The world watched her in amusement, but after a point she suddenly disappeared and none knew where she went.

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The Isdal Woman

In 1970, an unidentified body was found in "Death Valley" in Bergen. She was found naked and had sleeping pills bottle next to her. When police checked her whereabouts, they were in a state of shock, as she had over 9 different identities with which she traveled to Europe. It is believed that she committed suicide, but her being naked and dead still leaves one's mind confused.

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Green Children Of Woolpit

Two young siblings appeared in a village of Woolpit in England. Their skin colour was pale green in colour and the kids ate nothing apart from beans. Over a period of time, they started learning English to communicate with the people around and told them that they were from "Saint Martin's Land" where everything was lush green due to the absence of sunlight. The boy became weak and died; and over a period of time, the girl did get rid of her green-coloured skin!

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Jack The Ripper

He was the most unidentified serial killer. His targets were women generally, and he would slit the victim's throat before mutilating their abdomen. He was named Jack the ripper due to the brutality with which he killed his victims.

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The Man From Taured

In 1954 at the Tokyo International Airport, a man was asked to point out his country on the map, he pointed on Andorra and said that his country's name was Taured. Strangely, that was the name of the country over 1000 years back. He was detained and kept under vigilance. But, he vanished in the dark of the night.

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D.B. Cooper

He is an unidentified man who called himself as Dan Cooper. He had hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft by warning the people that he was carrying a bomb in his suitcase. He demanded $200,000 and four parachutes. Once his demands were met, he parachuted from the plane in mid of the night, never to be found again. He still remains a mystery man.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 23, 2016, 12:46 [IST]
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