Most Unusual Weddings Ever To Be Noted

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Wedding is something that we all look forward to. We start planning months before this beautiful day actually arrives.

We plan from the minutest details that go into this "D day". Trying out new things to keep your wedding special is something that has been happening around a lot lately.

In this article, we've shared some of the most unusual weddings that have taken place.

These are the weddings that have taken place either at a unique venue or have had an unusual feel/theme to it.

From getting hitched in their baby suit to having a wedding where they drop down from an hot air balloon, people have been trying different and unique ideas to make this day, A Day To Be Remembered.

So, find out more about the most unusual weddings that people have witnessed.

Roses As A Gesture of Love

This guy from China saved his entire year's salary to purchase 99,999 roses for his beloved on their wedding day. In China 999 is considered to be a sign of good luck. The flowers had to be flown from the other side of the country and it required 30 cars to carry it.

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Zero-Gravity Wedding

A New York couple Erin and Noah Fulmor exchanged their vows on a Boeing 727-200 aircraft, which created a weightless environment for the wedding guests. This looks like an interesting idea one can use!

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Wedding On Two Wheels

These bicycle lovers decided to get married in a unique way. They rode their bicycles all over the city and were accompanied by their wedding guests.

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Shark Tank Marriage

This couple from New York decided to get married inside a 120,000 gallon shark tank. The bride wore a white wet suit and the groom wore a black one. Both were experienced divers, so they enjoyed themselves while they exchanged their vows.

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World’s Longest Bridal Train

A bride from Guangzhou, China, decided to set a world record by having the longest bridal train. Crazy as it sounds, but this bridal train weighed 100 kilograms and was over 600-feet long. We pity her back!!

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TJ Maxx Wedding

The bride named Lisa Satayut is a self-confessed ‘Maxxinista'. She finds inner peace and happiness, so she decided to get married at this unique place. Curious onlookers stopped their shopping and witnessed this unique wedding.

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Wedding In Birthday Suits

Phil Hendicott and Ellie Barton of Australia decided to have a unique wedding as they were getting married. There were over 250 guests and this couple was not shy enough to avoid getting married in their... well, "birthday suits".

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Bungee Jumping After The Ceremony

Mr. and Mrs. Kippers from Brussels decided to get married mid air in a hot balloon along with 10 guests. They had their wedding vows at 160 ft up in the air. Once they were officially declared a couple, they decided to bungee jump after that.

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Story first published: Friday, May 27, 2016, 16:06 [IST]
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