Most Disgusting Yet Expensive Things Around The World

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The world is filled with crazy people. And in this crazy world, we come across the most stupidest and yet foolish things around.

Sometimes, the things that need to be costly are not, and the things that are just a waste are said to be the most expensive things.

Do not get confused with the above-mentioned sentence, as we are here to share some of the most expensive things around the world.

These are the things that are really disgusting and the very thought of these expensive things might even make you puke!

We're sure you would feel disgusted by the end of this article, as we bet you have never read or heard about these worse things that are so precious in this crazy world!

Read on to find out more..

Scarlett Johansson's Used Tissue

Yeah, you read it right! Her used tissue was sold for a whopping amount of $5300!! And yes, some crazy fan out there did buy this soiled tissue. Though the money was used for charity, it still makes us wonder why sell your used tissue!!

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Bird's Nest Soup

Oh, do not go by the word "NEST", as this soup is made from the petrified saliva of a bird. It can cost you anywhere from $40-$60 each bowl, and it is quite a famous dish in China, as it has many health benefits associated with it.

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Whale Vomit

If the previous slide disgusted you, this one will surely make you puke! This whale vomit, also known as Ambergris, fetched a couple $70,000. WHAO!! That is the costliest of all the disgusting things around the world. The puke is used to make scents that last longer than anything. Whatever!!

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Human Faeces

This is something really crazy, but it is a serious business as well. It is used to cure the illness caused by C. difficile, which is a deadly bacterium. Human faeces from a "REALLY" healthy person is sold to hospitals. It can fetch you $13,000 per year!

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The Vampire Facelift

This crazy facelift got its popularity when the famous celebrity Kim Kardashian posted a picture of her while she got this procedure done. It can cost you anywhere from $950 to $1,400. This unique facelift process is done using the blood drawn from a person's arm and the platelets are separated using a centrifuge. It is a long process, but who wants a facial from their own blood!!

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Elephant Dung Beer

This is like a "BIG Question". Wonder what the person thought while making beer from an elephant poop! Phew! Some crazy people gave it a shot even, and this beer was an instant hit, which could cost one a whopping amount of $100 per bottle.

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Bird Poop Facial

This has been quite popular in the beauty industry, and it can cost you easily around $180 a session. Okay, whoever the inventor was for this crazy invention would have surely got a dose while the bird pooped right on his/her face!! Ewww!

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Kopi Luwak Coffee

This is something that we all know and have heard of. The droppings from Indonesian civet cats are sold at $90 per cup! The cats are said to eat the coffee beans and the digestive mechanism is believed to improve the taste of coffee after the cat poops. Really??

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Sheep Placenta Facial

Somebody please hang me! How on earth can anybody think of using such a disgusting thing as a facial product! Oh dear lord!!! This facial mask can easily cost you $500. It is believed that it helps to improve the skin's immunity and fights inflammation. All fine, but still why this!

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