List Of The Most Disgusting Jobs

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If you are not happy with your job, then we bring to you the list of jobs that people do which are beyond imagination; and we're sure, you would be grateful for what job you have and do!!

In this article, we bring to you the list of the most disgusting jobs that you have ever heard of. The list of jobs includes anything from cleaning the septic tank to collecting an orangutan pee, to any other damn thing!

We're glad however that these jobs do exist, and imagine if these jobs did not exist, wonder what would have happened in our little world.

These weird job workers have made our life easy and we should in fact be very thankful to them!

So, read on to know more about these weird, disgusting jobs that will blow your mind away.

Janitor At A Porno Theatre

This is one of the most disgusting jobs, in which you get to clean the dregs of the society and sticky semen all over the floor, ewwww! These guys do the best job by cleaning, deodorising the hall before the next show starts.

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Flatulence Analyst

This is a crazy job, in which people are asked to smell the fart of patients and help them diagnose the disease!! Phew! Imagine some poop shower as well. Lol!

Orangutan Pee Collector

Orangutans love to pee and poop on the humans who stand below them. To avoid this mess, there are a few people who are hired to collect the pee of these cute animals.

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Forensic Entomologist

Imagine if you are at a murder scene where the body has rot and you need to analyse how long has it been since the person died. Well, that's when a Forensic Entomologist plays a crucial role in analysing the scene.

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Septic Tank Cleaners

Hats off to these guys, as they are the ones who keep the sewage system functional. Soiled in human faeces, they do not feel sick about their job, as they are totally dedicated to it. The worst part about this job is that they are hardly paid for it.

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Slaughter House Workers

These guys are not only supposed to chop the animals to pieces, but also to extract the dismembered parts of the poor animals. A study has revealed that people who work in a slaughter house tend to turn vegetarians after a point of time.

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Poop Stirrer

Okay, this is a disgusting job and the very thought of holding somebody else's poop in your hand and experimenting on it to find their medical condition is quite a horror actually. Anyway, great respect to these guys!

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Roadkill Remover

With so many animals getting killed on the road, there should be somebody who removes these dead bodies from the road. These people get to see the most disturbing images of animal accidents, yet they continue with their job.

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