List Of People Whom Facebook Banned

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We all start using social sites with our pseudo names. However, if you have a unique and interesting name you could be in trouble if you're using them for real. Yeah, we're here to share the list of people who actually struggled with their names on Facebook.

These are the people who have real unique names or even abusive names, but that was something which they could not change, so they ended up facing the brunt of having a deactivated account.

In few cases, the users were asked for their ID proofs to confirm on their identification, while the rest were not even informed and their accounts were just deactivated.

So, read on to know more about these interesting people and their real names, well their troubled names may sound better, which is going to make you laugh so hard!

Isis Anchalee

A woman who was named "Isis" had her account blocked by Facebook due to her name, which was similar to "ISIS". All that Facebook had to tell her was that she was a terrorist and hence will be freezing her account.

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Daniel Balls

Now, you can also wonder why his name was banned by Facebook. But it was a fact that it was his real name, so this guy was forced to use a psuedo name ONLY.

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Something Long And Complicated

Well yes, this is the name of a guy! Wonder what made his parents name him this! This Londoner had a tough time to convince the Facebook administration guys that his name was for real. After investigation, his account was reactivated.

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Yeah, it is a real name though. A couple had a tough time to have their named Avatar in their Facebook account, as they were not blue, gigantic or flaunted a pony. This was the reason given to them by the authorities and their account was shut without even a warning. They got it activated once they showed their driving license.

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“Doctor Who Fan”- "Peter Capaldi"

A 19-year-old guy named Lex Glover was suffering from autism who was such a dedicated fan that he named himself as "Peter Capaldi." He was told that he had breached the Facebook's terms of use, and his account was suspended. His sister is still fighting to get his account back!

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“Adam West”

A guy named Adam Armstrong had to literally change his name to Adam West, as his stepfather had booked a family holiday ticket for him after he picked up his name from Facebook. When he checked if the name could be changed in the ticket, he was told it would cost him a whooping $336. Instead, he changed his name and got a new passport for a mere $158.

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Jemmaroid Von Laalaa

Jemma Rogers from Lewisham used a pseudonym Jemmaroid Von Laalaa in hopes of avoiding annoying requests to connect with old friends or any of the strangers. But, when she was asked to prove her identity, she doctored her documents, but since they were fake, the Facebook guys deactivated her account. She is still fighting her battle even after officially changing her name in order to just save her social account. Crazy isn't it?

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