List Of Animals That Are Eaten Alive

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We all love to experiment with our food. In this process of experimenting, we often tend to try something new. It's a great idea, unless we try eating something that is totally out of the box.

In countries like Japan, China, etc, we can come across people who relish and enjoy eating the most bizarre stuff that is available on earth.

There are many other countries in which you would witness the practice of eating the most bizarre food available on the land.

In this article, we are here to share the list of some of the animals that are eaten alive. These animals are mercilessly killed and are eaten while they are still alive and trying to fight back.

So, find out more about these poor, innocent animals that are consumed alive!

Baby Shrimps

This bizarre meal contains baby shrimps that are still alive and are still moving their legs and antennas while being eaten alive! Ewww!! This dish is made quickly before the shrimps die.


"Casu Marzu" is a traditional sheep milk cheese from Sardinia, Italy. It is highly fermented by adding larvae to it. Adding larvae to the cheese makes it soft and juicy. Many people out there tend to remove the larvae and enjoy the cheese, while the rest eat it just like that!


We have heard about people eating snakes. But those snakes are generally boiled and served. In this case, Sutari Nayak from India loves to relish hand-picked snakes and enjoys eating them raw and alive!! Okay, next slide please!!

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Fruit Bats

We wonder who would relish this one! Studies have proved that fruit bats taste similar to chicken. They have a low-fat content and are high in protein. A fruit bat is consumed in the form of soup or grilled and other ways of consuming are barbecued, deep fried, stewed or stir fried form.

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This "bizarre delicacy" is not that strange in Asian countries such as China, Vietnam and Japan. Here people have been relishing on live frogs for quite a long time. There are special frogs that are used for these purposes and these are sliced open on a plate and disemboweled while alive. Phew! Too much of imagination.

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A celebrity chef named Raymond Blanc ate live eels while he was in Japan. He enjoyed this dish and he was advised to add some vinegar and eat it along with some salt for a better enhanced taste. The very thought of eating this can leave a weird taste on your taste buds, isn't it??


Last but not the least, how can one forget this! A 32-year-old man named Edward Archbold (in picture) collapsed minutes after winning the contest in South Florida and died. He participated in a bizarre competition of eating live cockroaches. He had eaten over 60 g of cockroaches, i.e., 35 in number! His only wish for trying this was to win the first prize, that is a python, and gift it to his friend. He choked to death.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 29, 2016, 11:49 [IST]
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