List Of Animals And Objects Harmed For The Sake Of Selfies

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Selfie is the in thing, these days. We see and hear about so many different incidents where people have lost their lives or have done an unrepairable damage to themselves in the name of "Selfies".

Here, in this article, we shall share the list of animals and objects that are harmed for the sake of selfies. These innocent animals that are killed were tortured by these insane humans who just lost their humanity for the sake of their damn selfies.

Here we've not only shared about the animals that have been killed, but also have shared information about the monuments and other things that have been damaged for a mere selfie.

Read on to find out more about these stories and make sure you stop such people around you from messing with poor, innocent animals.

Tourists Prevent Turtles From Laying Eggs

Crazy irresponsible tourists and locals in Costa Rica prevented the turtles from laying eggs, as they were busy posing with these innocent animals. It was such a bad scene that the turtles went back in water without laying eggs.

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The Couple Who Posed With A Dolphin

This insane couple found a dolphin that had beached. These pictures of the couple went viral as the dolphin was dead by the time the unidentified couple let the dolphin free in water.

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The Man Who Pulled A Struggling Shark

The guy did the stunt just to increase his social fan following. He kept the shark under his control for quite sometime. It is unsure if the shark survived. Be it anything, imagine the state of the poor shark who lay helpless there.

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The 126-year-old Statue Destroyed

A statue stood strong for over 126 years and who knew its fate would be this! This statue fell to its death when a man climbed up all the way to hold it for taking a selfie. The guy tried running away, but he was not lucky enough, as he was prosecuted.

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A 19th Century Statue Destroyed

This statue known as " The Drunken Satyr statue", at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, Italy, was destroyed by a student who sat on the knee of the statue which resulted in breaking of it. This statue was considered to be precious, as it was discovered over 400 years back in Rome.

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This Woman Pulled Out A Swan Out Of The Lake To Click A Perfect Selfie

This is one of the most cruel and selfish acts a person can ever think of. This woman manhandled the swan and posed for several pictures, as she wanted the perfect selfie. The swan succumbed to the torture and died shortly.

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Baby Dolphin Killed

A rare La Plata baby dolphin was unlucky when it reached the beach, as the beach-goers grabbed it and posed with it for several pictures at Santa Teresita. They claimed that the dolphin was already dead when it reached the shore. But, don't you think it is an easy escape?

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Story first published: Monday, May 16, 2016, 15:37 [IST]
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