Hilarious Wedding Cake Fails

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On the wedding day, we expect everything to be perfect, right? It is a childhood dream for most girls to see their weddings as being a wedding of a kind to be remembered.

However, what happens when your wedding day is ruined due to a wedding cake that you wanted to be the best among the lot!

Well, in this article, we are here to share some of the hilarious wedding cake fails that have actually made the respective couples shed a few tears on their wedding day, as it was a complete disaster!

So, check out the images and we're sure that you are going to have a hearty laugh and would also pity the couple for the cake wreck that they underwent on their wedding day.

This is something very common, so on your day do make sure that you opt for a well-known professional to handle your special wedding cake. So, check the images below and do comment.

Feathery Affair

This couple had ordered for a beautiful cake which had a feather design on it. Even though the cake looks a bit similar to the original one, it has a melted look! Looks like it was too hot out there. Ouchh!!

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4-Tier Affair

All that this bride wanted was a four-tier cake. But she hot something that looked like a snow shoveled in a corner. The design on the cake looks like a kid has used a crayon to scribble stuff on the cake! Pitty the poor bride!

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Size Does Matter!

This poor couple wanted a perfect cake for their wedding. Looks like the chef took a serious note on the geometrical pattern than paying attention to the size of the cake. It does not even match the size of the cake that they had ordered.

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Where Are The Roses!

The image of the cake looks perfect with roses around it. But, what just happened to the roses? This cake just looks like bricks stacked one upon the other.

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Are You Fooling Them?

Poor couple got the "so called" perfect cake that looks like it has been deflated. To cover up for their mistake, the makers didn't have the courtesy to even add edible couple dolls to it.

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Top Tier Cake

All that the bride wanted was a perfect 3-layer cake with a white tier at the base of the cake. And all that she got was a chunk of cube-shaped cake, which no where resembled the original cake in any way! Our sympathies with the bride!!

Image Courtesy


Atleast Match The Colour!

Du-oh! Are these cake makers colour blind or what?? The cake looks a little better when compared to others that we have seen until now, but what happened to its colour?

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Tinker Fail

This cake has everything else added to it except for that perfect look of what the original cake should have been! Pity the couple and the people around who dared to even eat it!

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 13:08 [IST]
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