Heartwarming Vows That Will Make You Fall In Love

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We all make promises, and we also are tired of hearing the same old saying that goes, "Promises are meant to be broken". Yes, we all do break promises too and we do not regret it most of the time.

But, what happens if you keep up your promise even after 40 long years? Well, we are here to share some of the most heartwarming vows that people have made to their near and dear ones.

These are the promises that have been completed even after 40 years. We are sure some of these promises will melt your heart, as they are so intense and sweet.

So, read on to find out more about these interesting heartwarming vows that people have made, which will make you believe in the word "Love". Love that need not be between couples only.

This Man Kept The Promise To Stay Virgin Until He Got Married

This is a real tough one for any person to do! He's 31-year-old man and still vows to save his virginity for his wedding night. He even created a website by the name WorthTheWaitGuy.com. We should respect him for this decision of his!

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Man Makes Vows To A 3-year-old Child

No do not mistake that this man is getting married to the little girl. She is his step daughter whom he vowed that he would stand by her side and make her realise how a woman should be respected and loved by a man. Isn't that cute?

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Man Creates His Wedding Vows From Famous Love Songs

This guy surely knew how to woo his wife! The groom named Jared admitted that he has been a shy person in expressing his feelings. So, he lip-synced all his wedding vows with this unique idea, which had the entire audience having tears of joy.

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A Man Vowed To Buy A Disney Ticket To A Disabled Stranger

This is a very sweet gesture by Jake Sorosiak who had promised himself that he would buy a Disney vacation to a guy down the street whom he saw when he was 10 years old. The moment he got his first salary, he withdrew cash and surprised the guy by telling him about the promise that he made to himself a few years back.

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This Soldier Vowed To Dress Himself This Way On His Friend's Funeral

Barry Delaney and his friend, Kevin Elliott, had a pact that they would dress up in a funny way if either of them was killed. Barry did not think of anything else but wore this bright dress to keep up his promise to his fallen friend's funeral.

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2 Friends Promised To Meet After 40 Years

Joe Whitehead and Steve Morris were just 20 years old during the mid 1970's. They made a promise that they would meet after 40 years at the same spot; and as a memory they tore a dollar and wrote the date on it. And Yes, they did meet after 40 years to discuss how life had changed in these passing years.

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Story first published: Friday, May 20, 2016, 14:27 [IST]
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