Gripping Human Trafficking Cases

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Every year we come across many cases of human trafficking. When some cases are being exposed, it makes us wonder where did the brains of the smugglers go!

In this article, find out about some of the interesting and dumb cases of human smuggling that we have come across.

We all know how well and advanced our technology is, yet people fail to understand and try to smuggle "HUMANS". One needs to understand that this is sheer stupidity or a way to get noticed by the cops.

When a simple lighter or a bottle of whisky can get your luggage seized, having a full human in your luggage bag will only get you behind bars.

Find out about the cases of human smuggling that will leave you baffled as to HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE!

The Man Who Disguised Himself As A Seat

Okay this is not a scene from any Hollywood movie, but an actual scene where a man named "Enrique Aquilar Canchola" disguised himself as a seat cover to illegally immigrate to the United States. He was caught at San Ysidro, a Californian border crossing, which is also known as the world's busiest border crossing routes.

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Woman Caught In A Suitcase

A Thai national by the name Pornkamol Mongkolsermsak was found hiding in a suitcase, when she was trying to smuggle her ownself at the U.S.-Mexico border by hiding in a suitcase while being transported at the border.

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Lover Smuggling Her Prisoner Boyfriend

Oh, Boy! This proves that love can make one do anything. This girl tried to smuggle her boyfriend in a suitcase from the jail where he was serving a 20-year sentence for illegal weapons possession.

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Momma Dear Smuggling Her Infant In A Backpack

Check how the kid looks in the image. The mother of this 2-month-old baby tried to smuggle her kid at Papua New Guinea in her backpack, as she was not having the right immigration papers along with her.

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“Hello, My Name Is Abou.”

This is what an 8-year-old boy told the cops when he was caught in a suitcase in 2015 at an airport. He was being smuggled in a suitcase to Spain by a 19-year-old carrier lady who was paid for this job. The case is still under an investigation.

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Man Caught Smuggling Another Man

Two men were arrested at Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport in 2015, when one man tried to smuggle his partner in a big-size suitcase. The men were apparently trying to flee from Peru.

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Trying To Get A Free Entry

A man believed to be in his 60's tried to get his wife a free entry to the EU by packing her in a big suitcase. The poor man did not know the fact that the place they were travelling was a passport-free Schengen travel zone!

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Story first published: Friday, March 11, 2016, 12:15 [IST]
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