Fatal Amusement Park Accidents That Rocked The World

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When we think of amusement parks, we all are generally excited about the crazy rides and the blood rush we feel when we play around. There is nothing that can make us more happy than being to an amusement park.

However, what if the ride you're taking is going to be fatal or is going to be the last ride of your life? Well, that is something that we do not even want to imagine.

Well, in this article, we are here to share some of the deadliest accidents that have happened in an amusement park.

These are the chilling cases about a few unlucky people who were killed instantly or injured for their life, while they had just gone to an amusement park to have some fun.

So, find out about the most dangerous and deadliest accidents that have occurred in the amusement parks.

Overseas China Town East Theme Park

"Space Journey" was the ill-fated ride that was designed to stimulate the launch of a rocket. It had over 40 passengers and crashed, which killed 6 people and injured dozens and more.


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Darien Lake Amusement Park

This amusement park is situated in Buffalo, New York. A tragedy stuck when an Iraq vet, who had lost both his legs, asked the authorities to guide him to the safest ride that would be ideal for him. However, when he boarded the "Ride of Steel", he slipped through the harness and fell for his death.

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Six Flags Over Georgia

This is the deadliest accident that has happened in any of the amusement parks. A ride named "Batman" was on its regular functioning, when a boy tried to reach out to his fallen cap was instantly decapitated that killed him instantly. Imagine the poor boy's head flying in air.

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Oakwood Theme Park

The ride name was "Hydro/Drenched". A 16 year girl fell to her death from 30 meters above the ground as her car became dysfunctional. She had several internal injuries which lead to her death. The parked was closed for a year after that.

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A deadly ride named "Fujin Raijin II" killed a college student and injured over a dozen other people when the ride derailed. The impact of the derailment was so much that it sniffed out the girl's life instantly.


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Loudoun Castle Amusement Park

"The Rat" was the ride's name. A new employee had a brutal end when his hand got stuck in the ride and he was thrown down the ride when he was on a test ride.

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Six Flags Kentucky

The ride named "Superman Tower of Power" almost killed a girl when a cable wire snapped on to her neck and leg. The girl was able to free herself from the cable around her neck, but was not so fortunate in letting go of the cable that was on her foot. It left her with an amputed feet.

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