Face Tattoos That Are A Must See!

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There are many fantasies that we all have. Some are funny and some are shocking. However, things change when fantasies become an obsession.

If you're confused as to what we're mentioning here, read on to know more about the most bizarre face tattoos that people have got inked.

In this article, we are here to share the list of the most weirdest and bizarre face tattoos that one can ever imagine. These are the people who have taken tattooing as an obsession and have gone a step higher in expressing their art.

Find out more about these interesting, astonishing face tattoo pictures that will leave you amused and make you wonder if it was really needed to express their passion with this kind of an art.

Read on to know more about this inking skin craze that is quite popular and in trend these days!

“Zombie Boy”

Rick Genest who is also known as the "Zombie Boy" shot to fame when he displayed his macabre body art in a famous video. He currently works as a male model in fashion magazines.

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Michael Carter

He is known for his controversial tattoos. Be it a Swastik on his forehead or a Jesus Christ tattoo scrawled across his cheek, he is known for his selection of tattoos. He is currently serving a jail term as an offender.

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Khamprasong Thammavong

He was arrested by the police when they found 38-plant illegal marijuana grown and various other drug paraphernalia at his apartment. He was caught due to the possession of illegal weapons as well.

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Rouslan Toumaniantz

This is the craziest tattoo face of all. A tattooist inked his name across his girlfriend's face on the first day when they met. Now, they are a happy couple who even got married.

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Jason Barnum aka Eyeball

This deadly looking man with a scary-looking tattoo on his eyeball was arrested in a criminal case, in which he had shot a police officer in defense and currently is said to be serving a jail term of 22 years.

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Vin Los

This model chose to take this short-cut to raise to fame. He wanted to become the most famous man in the world. If you're wondering he has a stubble on his chest, then you are wrong my friend, as he has got the design tattooed!

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Christien Sechrist

He decided to cover half of his face with a tattoo of his child's face. He did this as a gesture to pay tribute to his child who had a brush with death. Isn't it crazy yet a sweet way of a father showing his love towards his child!

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 15:13 [IST]
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