Different Ways Of Commuting People Use

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Commuting to work is generally a pain, and added to it are the various traffic-related issues that we usually face in our everyday life.

As you get stuck in traffic jams or miss your important meetings, there's more work of rescheduling these to other dates or time. Commuting to work can never be a happy journey, unless you have unique ideas.

If you are wondering what are we talking about, then read on to find out more about the most unique ways by which you can travel to work.

We've listed some crazy ways of how people commute to work, to beat the traffic.

Some of these commuting ideas can be swimming across a river to reach their destination or even simply taking a flight every day! Yeah, now this sounds crazy isn't it?

So, find out more about these interesting and weird ideas that people use to travel to work every day, and try and see if you could do the same as well! LOL

The Man Who Commutes By Unicycle

Benjamin Kieffer is a 33-year-old man who rides his unicycle to work every day in midtown Manhattan. Wearing a suit and tie, he confesses that subways are cramped, taxis are expensive, and walking is boring, so this is the best option he found.

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The Teacher Who Swims Through A River Every Day

Abdul Mallik is a teacher in Malappuram, India. He wades through the neck-high water to get to the school, where he's worked for 20 years. Wow, this is called dedication, we must say!

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This Man Flies Every Day!

Sam Cookney lives in Barcelona and catches a cheap flight to London's Stansted Airport every single morning! And he reaches his desk by 9:30 am every time!! He travels for 1500 kilometres and it takes 5 ½ hours one-way! He claimed that even though he takes flight every day, he was able to save some money when compared to renting a house in London.

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He Takes A 10-Hour Transcontinental Flight

David Neeleman is the CEO of Azul airlines, which flies 22 million people a year. He commutes to his Sao Paulo headquarters every week from his home in Connecticut, which takes a 10-hour journey!

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He Commutes To Work On A Snowboard

Joel Paredes decided to take advantage of the snow and snowboard, in Montreal, Quebec. He ditched the traffic and made the most of a record-breaking week of snowfall. Great idea!!

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 23:05 [IST]
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