Did You Know Of These Amazing 10 Facts? Read On!

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Facts are something that amuse us most of the time. There are so many different facts that most of us are not aware of. We are here to just help you learn these unknown facts.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the most interesting facts that one needs to know.

These are a mixture of all the worldly facts and the scientific facts that make this article an interesting read. After all, learning is interesting and important as well, isn't it?

Did You Know Of These Amazing 10 Facts? Read On!

So, find out about these amazing and interesting 10 facts that can teach you something new today. Go on, indulge yourself in the read.

Fact #1

A psychological study has revealed that when you are single, you tend to see more of happy couples and when you are committed, you see more of "happy singles". Strange, isn't it?

Fact #2

People who spend most of their time in front of TV and laptop suffer from TATT syndrome (Tired All The Time). This is something most of the teens suffer from these days.

Fact #3

Most of the people die between 3 AM and 4 AM, as the human body is said to be the weakest at this time and hence chances of heart attacks and other health-related issues are more and get triggered.

Fact #4

Most of the humans tend to emotionally open up and confess things during late-night texting. Though it is not the same during the calls.

Fact #5

The sudden jerk that our body experiences during the sleep is known as "Hypnic Jerk". This happens when you slip in a dream while you're half asleep.

Fact #6

Did you know that you can increase your concentration level while reading, writing or studying by listening to music without the vocals? Well, try it once, as it really works!

Fact #7

Men just take 3 days to fall in love with a woman, while women on other hand tend to take 14 dates to fall in love with a man.

Fact #8

Posting about yourself and your daily activities on social media sites activates your brain's reward system. It is just the way you feel after getting a kick when you're high on drugs.

Fact #9

Whoever said that bad handwriting are bad should know the fact that intelligent people tend to think faster and as a result, they have a sloppy handwriting.

Fact #10

Psychology research proves that women who play online video games are more happy in life when compared to women who do not! No wonder, men love such women!

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Story first published: Friday, October 7, 2016, 14:34 [IST]
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