Creepiest Cemeteries That Will Scare You

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Death is something that is totally unavoidable. The very thought of being buried 6-feet underground can run a chill down anyone's spine. But as destined, it has to be faced at some point of time.

In this article, we are here to share facts on some of the creepiest cemeteries that will surely scare you to death.

These are the cemeteries that have haunting stories of people buried out there.

After dawn, you can hardly find anybody move around in these cemeteries, as there are many paranormal activities said to have taken place there.

So, find out more about these creepy graveyards mentioned i this article, and we're sure these would give you goosebumps!

Well, all that we would want to tell you is happy reading and enjoy your sleep tonight! Have a look.

Old Jewish Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Josefov, in Prague, Czech Republic. It has an uncertain number of burials taken place in this cemetery. Reports suggest that an approximate 12,000 tombstones are there, but there are over 100,000 burials that have taken place. It is very famous for certain paranormal activities during the night.

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Chamula Cemetery

It is situated in San Juan Chamula, which is in the southern Chiapis state in Mexico. It was a Catholic church in the 1960's; however, the priest of the church left and there has been no formal mass held ever since. Every year, there are healing ceremonies that are held and many sacrificed chickens lie around during this weird ceremony.

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Les Catacombes

This is an underground ossuary in Paris, France. With the peculiar decoration of this place, there are many ghosts and strange paranormal encounters that take place every other day. We're sure you would definitely not wish to be in this place alone!!

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Saint Louis #1

This is one of the oldest of the Catholic cemeteries in New Orleans. It is believed that this cemetery hosts one of the most notorious tombs of all time. It is of Marie Laveau who was also known as "Grande Voodoo Queen". It is said that she haunts the entire cemetery with her weird ways of troubling visitors around.

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Capuchin Crypt

It is a small space that comprises of several tiny chapels that are located beneath a church near Piazza Barberini in Rome, Italy. It is believed that there are over 3700 skeletal remains of bodies claimed to be of Capuchin friars. The very scene of seeing so many skeletons around can surely give you nightmares.

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