Crazy Painters Who Use Unique Painting Tools

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Painting is an art that we all have tried at some point of time in life. Some love it and some do it just for the sake of doing it. However, if you are a painter, you need to check out on some of the masterpieces that are created by these artists.

These are the guys who have taken this form of an art to another level by including unique painting tools. When we say tools, we don't mean using their hand as a source to paint, instead other means that they have used to paint in the weirdest way possible.

The tools can be anything that include a penis to a basketball. These artists have made sure to not leave such unique tools and have made a good use of it. Well, who could imagine that!!

Therefore, in this article, we've shared info on some of the weirdest objects that people have used to create what is called - An Art.

Read on to know more about this unique talent which these people possess.

The Painter Who Paints With Basketballs

Hong Yi painted a unique detailed portrait of Yao Ming, who is a basketball player and had recently retired from the Houston Rockets. Her tool for the painting was her basketball that she had used. The painting looks amazing, we must say.

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The Man Who Paints With His Penis

Tim Patch is an Australian artist who uses his manhood for painting. He traded the paint brush to a handy tool and he calls himself as "Pricasso". He takes his work on the road and has live painting demonstrations as well.

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The Painter Who Uses Human Blood

Vinicius Quesada is a talented artist from Brazil. He got his share of fame when he released a series of paintings named "Blood Piss Blues", which literally described that the things used were human blood and urine!

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The Painter Who Uses Her Breasts

Kira Ayn Varszegi has really huge assets and she makes the best use of them for painting! All that she does is, apply some paint on her body and uses it on the canvas to paint. She is an established artist who sells her work online!

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The Painter Who Uses Dead Ants

Chris Trueman is an artist who created a portrait called the "Self-Portrait With Gun." He used 200,000 dead ants to make this portrait of his younger brother and sold it for a whopping amount of $35,000.

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The Painter Who Uses His Eye

Xiang Chen is an artist from the Hunan province of China. He has a unique way of painting by attaching a giant paintbrush, which is as big as 4.4 pounds, to his eye, by inserting the flat metal end under his eyelids. Though the paintings are not great, you would surely appreciate the painter.

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The Painter Who Uses Human Ashes

Val Thompson is an artist who mixes the unusual ingredients of human ashes into her paint to create unique paintings for the family of the lost person. This is a unique way to have your loved one around you all the time.

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Story first published: Friday, June 3, 2016, 11:43 [IST]
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