Craziest Arrests At Movie Theaters

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We have heard of many crazy reasons for which people have been arrested. Some are gravely deadly arrests while others are for certain dumb reasons.

Here, in this article, we've shared details on some of the craziest incidents in which people have been arrested for the stupidest of reasons. These are the people who have done weird things and have got arrested for it when at the theatre.

Find out more about the wackiest reasons like having sex on the theatre floor, being drunk, etc, which has got these people arrested.

Though there have been many events in which the police have been alert at times for any kind of danger to the common man, there are times when they have arrested people for the dumbest of reasons possible as well.

We're sure after reading this piece, you would have a hearty laugh, as most of the reasons given here are hilarious, which only goes to show how stupid these people could get.

Making Out On The Floor Of A Theatre

A couple named Claude Lamar Harris Jr., 31 years, and Angela Prater Veale, 43 years, went for a movie and realised that there was a better option than watching movie. They started making out on the theatre floor. The couple had to be separated and were asked to dress up when the cops took them to the station. Now, how embarrassing is that!!

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Dressed As “The Joker”

Christoper Sides showed up at the Premiere Movie Theatre in Melbourne, Florida, dressed up as a joker with his hair dyed bright pink and black with white make-up on. He was resembling the evoking Batman villain. This had scared the audience which led to his arrest.

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Injecting Drugs Into The Scrotum

In a movie theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico, cops were shocked when they were informed about a man peeing in the sink of the bathroom. When they arrived to inspect the man, he was found injecting drugs in his scrotum. Okay, now this is disturbing!!

Carrying A Fake Gun

During a promotion for the movie Iron Man 3 in Jefferson City, an actor was dressed as Iron man, while others were dressed as officers who carried assault guns. This scared the audience and cops were called in. The actors later apologised for this act of theirs.

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Filming Twilight Scenes

A 22-year-old woman named Samantha Tumpach was celebrating her sister's birthday along with her family at a movie hall, which was premiering the famous movie "Twilight: New Moon". She filmed a little clip of the movie along with her amateur voice. The authorities who saw her do this arrested her at the very moment. She claimed it was just for her family and friends. However, she was forced to spend 2 nights in jail.

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Not Purchasing Tickets

A married couple went into the movies at a multiplex in Portage, Indiana. When they finished watching their movie, they headed to the other screen. When they were stopped, they insisted on going inside with the ticket of the previous show. They were arrested and they claimed that they were mentally drained out, as they had been to a funeral during that day so were very much disturbed.

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Being Drunk And Possessing Drugs

A 50-year-old mother named Sherry Moore was searching for money in her purse while she was at the ticket counter. She had left a bottle of prescription medicine bottle at the counter. When the employees checked it, they found leaves and substances that were believed to be marijuana. When the cops arrested her, they found her to be intoxicated.

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Story first published: Friday, July 1, 2016, 12:55 [IST]
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