Cases Of People Who Followed Extreme Diets

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The word "diet" makes us think about various possible diets that are available online in today's world. There is no diet, which you would ignore or haven't tried. However, what happens when you have gone to the extreme level while dieting?

Here, in this article, we've shared some of the cases in which people have followed an extreme dieting pattern.

The Result?? Well, these are the people who have lost weight or have even gone ahead and spoilt their complete health.

If you're wondering how, then read on to find out more about the cases in which people have been on just a beer diet or even on a diet that involved eating chicken nuggets for 13 long years.

Strange as it sounds, you would be shocked to know about these extreme cases of people who have followed extreme diets. Read on.

A Woman Who Only Eats Bananas

Nutritionist Yula Tarbath claimed to have had a "Banana Diet", which comprised of only bananas and water. She was on this weird diet for almost 12 days. She claimed to have had a good experience where her skin became more healthy and she was able to run a 22k marathon. Woah, now this sounds interesting!

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A Girl On A Diet With Chicken Nuggets

A girl named Stacey Irvine has not eaten anything apart from chicken nuggets, since the time she was two years; and it has been 15 years since she has been on this diet. She collapsed and was hospitalised and doctors had warned her stating that if she would not change her diet, she would die!

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Girl Ate Only Noodles For 13 Years

Georgi Readman from Isle of Wight loved the taste of noodles since the first time she tasted them at the age of 5. She has been on this diet for 13 years and doctors claim that though she is just 18 years of age, her health state is of an 80-year-old and she is quite malnourished.

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Man Who Eats Only Pizzas

Dan Janssen from Maryland wanted to be a vegetarian, but he was not keen on having the veggies, instead, he chose a cheese pizza. He claimed to have had pizzas for 25 long years. Though he confessed that he ate a bowl of cereal occasionally, he was keen on focussing on his diet. Doctors claim that his cholesterol level is still under control, even after eating so many pizzas. Lucky chap, we must say!

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Man Ate Potatoes For 2 Months!

Chris Voight has his loyalties with potatoes! He's the head of the Washington State Potato Commission and for a protest, he ate only potatoes for 60 long days! He consumed 20 potatoes every day and lost 27 lbs in the process. Since potatoes lack vitamins and calcium, it is important that you skip trying this diet.

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A Man Who Consumed Only Beer For 46 Days

This man named Des Moines is a home brewer and also a Christian by religion. He decided to make a combo of his passion and monk tradition and decided to go on a beer diet for 46 days. He would drink 4-5 beers every day and he broke his Easter fast by consuming a bacon smoothie.

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Man Who Claimed To Live Without Water For 70 Years!!

Prahlad Jani, who is an Indian sadhu, claimed that he has not drank water since 70 long years. He claimed that the Hindu goddess drops a liquid sustenance down his throat. He has been a part of various studies over the years, where he was under a strict surveillance to monitor his claims. However, it is tough to believe this as a fact, as the videos were not released to clear the common man's doubt.

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Professor Who Is On A Fruit Juice Diet For 6½ Years

Dr. Michael Werner is one of the most famous Breatharians. He claimed to have been on a diet that includes four coffees and two fruit juices every day. Now, this one seems to be an interesting diet.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 12:22 [IST]
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