Buildings That Emerged From Water

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When Nature decides to show its power and gets furious, there is nothing that mankind can do to stop the disaster.

It is we, the people, who have been spoiling the natural system; and no doubt, natural calamities are a common thing.

When earthquake strikes or tsunami occurs, thousands of lives are lost and many heritage buildings or the entire villages are even lost. It would take years and eras to see the lost places surface up.

In this article, we've shared information on some of the buildings that have emerged from water.

Initially, when the peak of the buildings start appearing from under the water, it does make you skip your heartbeat, but when you learn in depth about these places, you would only be amazed how powerful nature is.

Find out about some of the buildings that have resurfaced after a couple of years. Have a look.

The Flooded Church Of St. Nicholas

A national park in Macedonia is famous for its semi-submerged church. This Church was reportedly the victim of an artificial lake that was created to supply water to a local power plant.

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A 400-Year-Old Church Emerged From Mexican Reservoir

This church was built in the mid-16th century by a group of monks. It was originally lost to the waters of the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir in 1966, when it flooded. In 2015, when the water level decreased by 82 feet, the Church resurfaced.


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The Argentinian Town That Resurfaced After 30 Years

A tourist village named Villa Epecuen was established along the shores of Lago Epecuen, Argentina. In 1993, a slow-moving flood consumed the entire town and it was covered in 10 meters of water. When the water started to recede, the town started to resurface.
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This Island Is Nine Months Underwater Every Year!

Every year, many tourists in China flock to the Gorges Reservoir to see an elusive turtle-shaped island rise from the waters of the Muodaoxi river. Though this sounds like a fascinating natural phenomenon, the fact is that this "magic" is man-made, in order to adjust to the water levels in the reservoir.

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Underwater Sanctuary That Transforms Into A County Park

This Green Lake is located in Styria, Austria. It is known for its scenic views and emerald-green water; and by spring, the basin of land below the mountain fills with water and transforms the lake into an underwater sanctuary, which is nearly 12 metres deep.


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A Town That Flooded After An Earthquake

A town in China that was flooded in 2008 has re-emerged after 5 years. Almost ten buildings have resurfaced including homes, offices, and even a primary school.

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Story first published: Monday, June 13, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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