Boy Dies Of Dry Drowning An Hour After Swimming

This is one of the cases in which a boy died within an hour of swimming. It was revealed that the cause of death was due to dry drowning. Check it out...

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Have you ever heard about dry drowning or death caused by dry drowning? Well, this happens and learning about it is important, as many lives can be saved.

Here is the story of a boy who died due to "dry drowning". Check out this sad but true case of the boy who lost his life after he died because of dry drowning.

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This is a case that we need to know about, as this can happen to anybody around us. A person can die even due to dry drowning.

The weirdest part is, the symptoms of this condition are nothing more than fatigue or feeling tired, while the person's lungs are filled with water!

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Read on to know more about this interesting and bizarre case...

What Happened?

10-year-old Johnny from South Carolina had his first swim and walked back to his house, holding his mum's hand. He had gulped in some of the water from the pool while he was swimming, and this was the reason for the tragedy.

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There Was A Little Accident At The Pool...

There was a little accident at the pool, which was not serious, yet the boy had soiled his pants. After this, he walked back home with his mum and sister.
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It Was A Regular Day...

The mother gave the boy a shower and put him to sleep, as the boy said that he was sleepy and tired. Little did she know what tragedy was about to strike the entire family...

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When She Checked On Him Later...

It was too late when she checked on him, as his face was covered in a "spongy white material". He was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late.

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He Had Died...

Little Johnny had died due to dry drowning, and there was nothing that the family could do, as the symptoms were hardly visible, except for him complaining of tiredness and sleepiness.

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How To Find Out If A Person Would Suffer From This?

If a person or the child has had any accident in the pool, they need to be thoroughly examined by the doctors, especially if the tiredness or fatigue symptoms appear, as these could be the signs of dry drowning.

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