7 Haunted Islands In The World

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We often hear stories that will creep us out. Sometimes these stories stay on our mind for quite a long time and you do miss on your sleep as they are really scary.

In this article, we are here to share the list of most creepiest places on earth. These places are usually scary and haunted. The history behind these unique islands can make any layman shit bricks!

Some of the names of the most creepiest islands are Isla de Las Munecas, Deadman's Island, Corregidor Island, Alcatraz Island, Norfolk Island and many more such islands that exist.

So grab on some popcorn and keep reading to know about the history about the most scariest places on earth and enjoy the experience about these weird scary places.

Isla de Las Munecas

This is the world's scariest place ever on earth! It is also known as the "Islands Of The Dolls". Here you can see dolls of all sizes and shapes hanging from tress, windows and any given place. It is believed that the dolls get charged in the night and one can hear them whisper and giggle during the night. Isn't it scary!

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Deadman's Island

This island is located in the Vancouver Harbor in British Columbia, Canada. This island was used as a cemetery between 1888 and 1892 and most of the victims of a smallpox epidemic were buried here. This island is taken over by the Canadian Navy and the police working here often hear the shuttling sounds of dead men's bones and shrieking sounds of skeletons. We sure you already hearing some weird sounds around you!

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Okinawa Island

This island is located in South of Japan. History reveals that there was massive bloodshed during the last few months of World War II where women and kids were killed mainly. One of the scariest experiences teachers reveal is that when the students throw their toys out of the fence. When they questioned, they would say that the kids on other end are asking for their toys. But alas, they could not see any child around.

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Alcatraz Island

This is an island located in the San Francisco Bay. This island is known for the site of the world famous Alcatraz prison. It is believed that the prison cell doors open and shut violently. It is also believed that a man with glowing eyes tends to strangle the people who visit this creepy place.

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Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is situated on the south coast of England. It is considered to the most haunted place on earth. It is believed that hundreds of of restless spirits haunt the hotels, hospitals, castles, manor houses, offices and almost every place on the island. Isn't it scary when you feel somebody watching you all the time?

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Corregidor Island

This island is located at the entrance of Manila Bay in the Philippines. During World War II, the island was captured by the Americans and many citizens on the Island chose to commit suicide instead of being held captive. It is believed that more that 3000 citizens committed suicide in a tunnel know as "Malinta Tunnel". This is one of the biggest mass suicide in the history as well!

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Norfolk Island

This is a small island situated in the Pacific Ocean and part of Australia's external territories. This place was also know as "hell on earth", as the prisoners were tortured, murdered, raped. They were left alone to starve and die naked. No doubt this place is considered to be one of the most scariest place.

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Story first published: Monday, February 22, 2016, 13:18 [IST]
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