World's Most Amazing Real-Life Rapunzels!!

These ladies are the real-life Rapunzels who have stunned the world with their long tresses. Find out more about them...

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Each woman dreams of having long tresses and to get them, there are many things that they try to do to get that nice cascade like the one Rapunzel had.

We all have read the story about Rapunzel and her beautiful long hair. This has inspired many girls to grow their hair to the maximum length, yet they do not get the length they dream of, but there are a few real-life Rapunzels who have really long tresses!

Here, in this article, we are about to share details on some of the most amazing real-life Rapunzels. These are some of the most beautiful women who have proved that real-life Rapunzels do exist!

Check out their interesting stories...

The Woman With The Longest Dreadlocks

Asha Mandela is a 50-year-old Atlanta resident. She has earned the name "the Black Rapunzel" because she holds the Guinness World Record for the "World's Longest Dreadlocks." The most amazing thing is that she has owned this title since 2008. If you are wondering how many shampoo bottles she uses in a sngle shower, then you would be stunned to know it is 6!
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This Woman Has The World's Longest Hair

Dai Yue Qin, who is also known as Miss Dyq, is the Queen of long hair in China. She is the current holder of the Guinness World Record for the longest hair. She began to grow long hair when she was about 14 years old.
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The 19th Century Band Of Sisters

They were the first real celebrity models in the United States and were also known as the Seven Sutherland Sisters. They grew about 37 feet of hair between them! The sisters namely Sarah, Victoria, Isabella, Grace, Naomi, Dora, and Mary Sutherland sang and played instruments as a band.
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This Teenager Sold Her Hair For A Reason

This Brazilian teenager who is also a real-life Rapunzel managed to sell her hair for $5000! She did this to help her family during financial crisis. Isn't it amazing!
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Growing Hair For Pony Tail Competitions

In Morris, Illinois, 3 girls have followed the footsteps of their mother by growing their hair so long that it nearly touches the ground! The woman named Terelynn Russel lives with her husband and children. Her hair length is about six-feet long. Her daughters are close to matching her achievements and they participate in various ponytail competitions.
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This Girl Plans To Donate Her Hair to A Charity!

This little girl Aimee Chase is just 11 years old. She has NEVER had her hair cut and her pretty blonde tresses have grown to 3 feet 6 inches in length. She has decided to donate the cuttings to an organisation that provides wigs and hair pieces for children who suffer hair loss during the treatment for cancer! Salute to her noble thoughts!
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