Women You Won’t Believe Exist!!

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Women are known as God's creation of beauty. They can do wonders and have proved to the world that they are no less than the superior men.

Here, in this article, we are about to share details about women who have shocked the world with their unique abilities. These women are strong and are great examples in the society of people who sulk about their lives.

The women mentioned in this article are unique and special in their own way. From stunning the world with their physical growth to leading a normal life just like us, makes these women special and unique.

One needs to get inspired by these women, as they are perfect examples of inspiration.

Read on to know more about these inspiring women who've stunned the world and made us proud. Kuddos, ladies!

Asha Mandela

This woman has the longest hair in the world. The length of her hair is nineteen and a half feet long! Woah, now that is really long! Almost feels like Rapunzel's in town!

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Mayra Hills

She has the World's largest boobs at 32Z or 32XXX! Now, this woman has 10 liters of saline solution surgically pumped into her breasts, to go from a 32A to her current size! Crazy, isn't it?

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Valeria Lukyanova

She is also known as the living Barbie Doll. This ultra-thin girl was born with thin long limbs and huge blue eyes just like a Barbie doll.

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Kim Goodman

She is a woman who can pop her eyes out of her eye sockets by about 12 millimeters! Seriously, this looks like a scary ability, yet she holds the world record for the farthest eyeball protrusion.

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Supatra Sasuphan

She is just 11 years old and she's from Thailand who has been officially recognised as the world's hairiest girl. Just like any other kid of her age, she loves swimming, dancing to her favourite music and playing with friends.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 2, 2016, 22:44 [IST]
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