Women Who Are Rocking Their Curves

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The word "Modelling" makes us think about those extra-slim models who are always on a diet and look amazingly thin.

Some go on a strict diet, while a few of them take drugs to reduce the extra fat. But, being skinny is not always required in the field of Modelling.

In this article, we are here to share the list of women who are literally rocking their curves. These women are plus 12 in size and yet they rock that look.

These women make you realise that there is still some room for improvement for today's beauty standards and this change is quite amazing.

Check out the list of super-size models who are very popular and are totally rocking their curvy look.

Read on to know more.

Kate Dillon

This model is praised for her amazing, curvy shape, which looks damn good and just perfect. She is said to be the first plus-size model to appear in both a Vogue and Gucci campaign.

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Tara Lynn

She's a size 14/16, and she has got a body that many of us would kill for. Isn't she pretty?

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Toccara Jones

She is a very famous TV personality, and also an actress and a singer apart from being on the list of the top models! She gained fame when she auditioned for one of the famous reality shows of America.

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Crystal Renn

She rose to fame when she wrote her autobiography "Hungry." This super-size model is a known face in the fashion fraternity.

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Maggie Brown

She has been featured in many leading magazines and has also won many modelling competitions. With her modelling career soaring high, she continues to make the men go weak in their knees.

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Fluvia Lucerda

Before modelling she was working as a nanny in New York City. But now, she is an international model, who is considered by many in the modelling industry.

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Christina Mendez

She is the first Hispanic real-size model to be featured in the major fashion campaigns. She has done a remarkable work in the field of modelling.

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