WOAH!! These Unusual Things Have Really Fallen From The Sky

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We hear about many weird things happening around us. When there is a tornado, you can see flying cows, kids, cars and what not! It is a scary scene. Once it stops, you would see nothing else flying in the air.

There are a few mysterious cases where you hear locals claiming that it rained frogs and money. While others claim flying sharks and some of the weird things that have fallen off of the sky.

Here, in this article, we've shared the list of shocking things that have fallen from the sky.

These things will not only shock you for the fact that they were fallen from the sky but also for the damage that they have caused.

So, find out more about these interesting things that have fallen from the sky to be truly amazed.

The “Angel” That Fell From The Sky

Innocent people of Indonesia found a doll on a beach. They believed it to be a fallen angel, who was later recognised as a sex toy. The officials are said to have not revealed the actual use of the doll, as the people were claimed to be innocent.

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Vampire Fishes

These scary-looking giant toothed fishes fell from the sky in Alaska. They are a foot-long Arctic lampreys, which have five rows of sharp teeth. Imagine the state of the people who witnessed these fishes falling from the sky!

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The Woman Who Was Hit By A Meteorite

On November 30th, 1954, a woman was hit by a meteorite. It crashed through the rooftop and hit a woman named Ann Hodges on her hip. She became a celebrity in no time, as offers poured in to buy the meteorite. She had to fight to own the meteorite with the owner of the house as well as the USAF and Birdie Guy.

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The Turtle That Crashed The Windshield

A turtle crashed into a windshield of a car on a highway in Florida. The turtle was thrown airborne, when a vehicle in front of the car hit it, throwing it in the air. It crashed through the windshield and hit the front seat of the car and guess what, the turtle was all alive and fine.

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A Sweet 16 Party Was Ruined

This teen's birthday party was ruined in Levittown, Pennsylvania, when flying faeces fell over 40 guests. The incident occurred shortly after the cake ceremony took place. The mystery remains unsolved, wherein few guests reveal that it must have been a dropping from the flying aeroplanes.

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Metal Spheres Fell From The Sky

Three metal spheres fell from the sky in January 2016. The largest of the spheres weighed about 45 kg, while the smallest weighed around 250 g. It is believed to be a debris from the space where a failed spaceship had crashed.

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