Weird Wedding Traditions That Exist

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Wedding is the best celebration time one can witness in his/her lifetime. It is one of the easiest ways to catch up with your long lost cousin or hear from an aunt whom you have hardly met!

Generally, we all look forward for weddings, as they bring our best side out, where we dress to be the perfect person and to the fact that we get to chill around in our best attire. It is a time when there's no stopping us to flaunt ourselves and our different attires.

But, amidst this, there are a few weird rituals that the couple may have to undergo too. If you're wondering what we are talking about, then read on further to know about the most funniest, yet bizarre, wedding traditions that still exist.

These traditions have been followed, and are still being followed, from generations. So, have a hearty laugh and thank your stars if these traditions do not exist in your families.

Blackening Of The Bride

This is a Scottish tradition where the bride and groom are blackened with substances that are dipped in fruits. This looks like the most disgusting thing that can ever happen to you before your wedding, while your family and friends are having a gala time!

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A Salty Wedding Song

This is one of the weirdest traditions that you would have heard of, unless you are a Chinese yourself! A bride is supposed to cry at least one hour every day and after a week, her mother joins in and then all the ladies of the house join in the crying session. Phew! It is marked as a salty wedding song, as it becomes a rhythm.

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Hold It In!!

Yeah, you read it right! The newly-wed couple are not allowed to pee or poop for the next few days in this weird ritual practiced by the Tidong community in Northern Borneo. We pity the torture these guys have to go through!

Kissing Party

This is a funny yet embarrassing ritual practiced in Sweden. Whenever, either the bride or the groom get up to use the washroom, the others get a chance to kiss them. This is the time when all the guys wait to kiss the bride legally!

Trashy Party

This is the yuckiest of all! The newly-wed couple are made to eat the left-overs by the guests in a toilet bowl. Now, this tradition is upgraded and they are supposed to lick the chocolate sauce from the pot. Both ways, it is disgusting, as a total functional toilet is used for this ritual.

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This trick is generally used in Germany, where a couple are gifted porcelain grocery and later, these cutlery items are broken at a single time. The screeching sound of the porcelain is supposed to eliminate the evil spirits.

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Massai Mucous

Wonder why they even have to practice this ritual! The bride's father spits on the bride's face and chest with a good amount of saliva as a practice of giving blessings!

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Story first published: Thursday, April 28, 2016, 17:51 [IST]
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