Thank A Woman Everytime You Use A Computer

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Technology is not restricted to just men, there are women who have contributed a lot in the world of technology. We need to learn about the women who have actually contributed in the field of technology. Lets find out about the women who have done good for our current technology.

In this article, we are here to share the list of women whom we actually need to thank every single time when we use a computer.

Generally when we hear the word programmers the only thing that strikes to our minds are men who are breaking their heads in front of a laptop or desktop!

But for a change lets find out about the women programmers who have given an entire different meaning to the world of "Computers".

Read on to know more about these heroes who have made a difference to the world.

The First Computer Program!

Yeah, Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, is said to have written the first computer program. She was keen on writing, so she had composed an algorithm for a computer that is still used today as the first computer program.

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Created Bluetooth And Wi-Fi

Hedy Lamarr, an actress is known for her devising about computers along with composer "George Antheil", who programmed a technique that is used for transmitting radio signals.

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"Grace Hopper" was known for modern programming languages that are still used by Microsoft today. She was the one who initiated the programs to be in English rather than the machine codes. She invented the term "debugging" when she pulled out a moth that was stuck in a computer.

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Graphic Designer

"Susan Kare" is known to have created icons, fonts and other elements that are still used today. She was the first lady to invent "Command" key icon and many other image-editing programs.

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The Mother Of Internet!

"Radia Perlman" is known as the mother of internet, as the network protocols that she had developed in the 1980s laid a groundwork for the connectivity that we widely enjoy today!

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Router Inventer

"Janie Tsao", along with her husband Victor, was a co-founder in a networking company known as "Linksys", which is responsible for some of the best selling routers around the world.

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