Strange Extra Body Parts That Were Found In Humans

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There is no experience in this world that can be compared to an experience of giving birth. When the infant comes out into this big world, life seems perfect for the couple.

But, what happens when you see that the little one as a special child or a child born with extra limbs? It can be a very sad thing to accept for the parents too.

Well, in this article we are here to share the list of people who were born special having extra body parts.

It is all about the people who have stunned the science and in them a few cases have made a successful recovery too.

So, read on to find out about the people who were born with extra body parts and we're sure you would be amazed with the list of people with the extra growth.

The Boy With 31 Fingers!

A boy in China was born with 31 fingers and toes. He underwent a surgery in 2010 and got all the extra limbs removed and is living a normal life now. His fingers were fused in both the hands, which were removed eventually.

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The Girl With 8 Limbs!

She is little Lakshmi who is also referred to as a Goddess of her small village in India. This poor little girl was having difficulty in her movement but found relief when her parasitic twin was removed.

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The Woman With A Nipple On Her Foot!

A nipple anywhere extra on the body is often misunderstood to a mole, as it looks a lot like that. This woman is said to have a full two-inch nipple right in the mid of her foot! She says she does not have any pain while walking. We're sure that her pedicurist will be shocked however when she sees this!

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The Woman With 2 Vaginas!

Oh boy this girl is going to lose her virginity twice! Yes, you read it right! A woman named "Cassandra Bankson" who was unaware of her other vagina had pain once and had been to the doctor to get a check on her kidneys, but she was in a shock when the doctor revealed to her about the extra vagina that she had.

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The Girl With A Foetus On Her Back

Yin Xin was born in China with an unusual foetus growth on her back. As she grew, the fetus also grew and had developed arms, nipples and other human forms. She was operated and her extra "twin" was removed.

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A Man With Two Hearts!

This Italian man was all normal when he was born. However, he developed this condition due to a surgery. Doctors found out about his condition when he was admitted for a cardiac arrest. Luckily, this man survived even after having two heart attacks as well!

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The Boy With 4 Extra Limbs

This boy had a rare condition, in which he had extra 4 limbs coming out of his chest. Some villagers thought he was a devil, as the 2 of the long legs looked scary. But, luckily, a hospital in Bangalore offered to operate him and remove the extra limbs. Now, the boy is living a normal life.

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A Baby With A Second Face

A baby boy named "Kangkang" was born in China with a deformity known as transverse facial cleft. The child looks like he is wearing a mask on his little face. Luckily, the parents have arranged for funds that is required for this surgery.

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