Stories Of People Who Lied About Tragic Events

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Survival stories are something that can inspire the world or just shake the world with the amount of stress and hardships that they would have gone ahead with.

However, what happens when you learn that the story which inspired you was just a bogus one? Well, in this article, we are about to share some of the interesting stories about people who lied about their tragic events.

These are the people who had their stories inspire a million people across the globe. They narrated on how they handled tough situations and yet were able to conquer the world.

Stories from 9/11 attacks to marrying the woman of their choice, you can read about these people who clearly created fictional stories and claimed them to be their own.

Find out more about the stories of people who lied about tragic events in their lives.

News Anchor Claimed To Be Shot Down During The Iraq War

Brian William was a news anchor who claimed to have been shot down during the Iraq war when he was riding a military helicopter. He also claimed that he had seen the armed men beat the protesters.

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The Comedian Who Lied About Escaping 9/11 Attacks

Steve Rannazzisi was a well-known comedian who narrated the story of himself escaping from the 54th floor of South Tower of NY's World Trade Center when it was attacked.

When the second attack happened, he said he was down the building and realised life was truly precious. When his claims were questioned after 14 years, he confessed to have lied about the entire incident.

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The Holocaust's Greatest Love Story

Herman Rosenblat met his wife Roma in a unique way. He was in a Nazis sub-camp of Buchenwald when he was 11 years and his wife used to throw apples for them through the camp's fence.

When he was liberated by Allied troops, he met this girl and realised that she was the one who was throwing the apples. Few movie makers were inspired and had plans of making a movie out of this story, but when the truth was revealed that it was just a made-up story, his movie deal was scrapped.

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This Flight Attendant Who Lied About A Bomb In The Plane

Justin Cox-Sever was a flight attendant who is facing federal charges after having lied about a suspicious box that was found on board.

He stuffed the box with towels and claimed that it was making a beeping noise. The flight had to make an emergency landing. When the authorities checked, it was Justin who himself had placed the box and hoaxed about it.

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The Head Of Survivors Network Lied About Her Survival

Tania's Head claimed that she survived the 9/11 attacks and she was among the 19 actual survivors. She claimed she worked at Merrill Lynch and ran for her life even when she was badly burnt. To add some spice, she claimed her fiance Dave could not survive the attack. When she was confronted with loopholes in her story, she agreed that she had lied!!

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The Writer Whose Harrowing Memoir Was Just Fiction

James Frey was exposed by The Smoking Gun for having made-up much of his story in the book "A Million Little Pieces". Oprah Winfrey made the book reach the number one position, when she included it in her book club.

When his truth was revealed, she invited him to her show to confront him. Currently, he has recovered from the controversy and has written several more adult best-sellers. He has also started his own production company.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 1, 2016, 18:54 [IST]
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