7 Bodies That Refused To Rot

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We wish we could live forever and be remembered by the world always, right? However, this is something that we can only wish for. But, imagine if you were still around even after your death!

In this article, we are here to share some of the weirdest cases of mummified bodies that have been preserved for the world to see. These bodies are so well preserved that they refuse to rot.

Some of these bodies have been naturally preserved, whereas some of them have been preserved for scientific purposes by the world of science.

Hence, find out more about these interesting stories of bodies that refused to rot. Hope some of the pictures that you're going to see do not give you a nightmare! So, check them out.

Ramesses II

He was a pharaoh who served the Egyptians during the 20th dynasty. When his body was exhumed and a CT scan performed, it showed that there was a deep cut down his throat and it almost reached to his spine, which would have resulted in his death.

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The Beauty Of Xiaohe

In 2003, when archaeologists were digging a graveyard in China, they found many mummies, but what struck their eyes the most was this beautiful Xiaohe. Her hair, skin and even eyelashes were well preserved. She was dressed in a felted wool hat, which revealed her status as a priestess.

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John Torrington

He was a Petty officer who had died at the age of 22 due to lead poisoning. He was buried in the frozen tundra along with three other expeditors due to a failed expedition. When his body was recovered, the shock scared the archaeologists, as when they opened the body, they found his body to be staring at them.

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Lady Xin Zhui

This mummy looks the scariest of all. She gained fame after 2000 years of her death, when her body was recovered from a tomb in China. Her body was so well preserved that her tissues were still soft and her limbs were bendable. Her hair was intact and complete and her veins still had type-A blood present in it.

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La Doncella

Can you believe that this body is over 5000 years old? This mummy is of a 15-year-old La Doncella who was drugged with chicha and coca leaves to induce heavy sleep. She was buried as an offering to Sun God. This mummy gives the best look of how the ancient Inca people dressed.

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Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov

He was a Russian Buddhist who had died in his mid chant while he was sitting in a lotus position. He had asked his followers to exhume his body after a few years of his death. When they did, the results were amazing and hard to believe.

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Tollund Man

This mummy is over 2000 years old literally! Yes, the man sleeping peacefully is believed to be of Tollund. Researchers, who found this body accidentally, believed that this man was recently killed, as it was in a perfect state. Studies revealed that he was hanged to death.

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Story first published: Monday, March 21, 2016, 12:39 [IST]
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