Students Who Were Never Allowed To Graduate

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Graduation is something that we all wait for, as it is one of the biggest achievements of our lives. But, what happens when we are not allowed to graduate at all? It's definitely a BIG NIGHTMARE.

In this article, we are about to share some of the people who were not allowed to graduate. These are the people who have broken some or the other law and hence were not allowed to graduate.

We bet, there is nothing worse than seeing our peers graduate and we are out standing just applauding them. This is what happened to these students who were unlucky. We hope, they did graduate later, or at least will!

Find out more about the stories of these unfortunate students who were never allowed to graduate, read on.

He Was Not Allowed To Graduate Because Of His Beard

Andrew Jones was not allowed to graduate, as the school authorities claimed that his appearance of growing a beard violated the school district's dress code. Though he was excellent in sports, he was not allowed and was asked to sit in the stands and watch his friends and cousins graduate.

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She Was Not Allowed To Graduate Because She's A Transgender

Anna Foster had claimed herself as a victim of discrimination. But, this was not the actual fact. She cried false and said that she would never be allowed to graduate, as she's a transgender. But, the actual fact is that she had very less grades to graduate.

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Her Hair Colour Kept Her Away From Graduating

Joslyn Barahona finished her schooling and on graduation day decided to walk with her friends at her High School in Tennessee. She was warned about her hair colour only in the rehearsal act, and she had been told that she'd not get to graduate if she did not change her hair colour!

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This Car Crash Victim Wasn't Allowed To Graduate

Joseph Narra suffered from serious injuries when his car met with an accident. His 3 other friends lost their lives in this dangerous accident. His mother ran errands to get his projects completed before he could graduate, but the school authorities did not allow him to graduate at all.

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She Wasn't Allowed To Walk The Stage In A Blue Dress

Megan Howerton had graduated and joined the Marine. She returned to school to meet her batchmates and walked on stage with them, but she was stopped mid-way, as she was wearing a blue dress with no traditional cap and gown.

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This Autistic Student Failed A State-level Math Exam

Sinclair Coffer was not allowed to graduate, as he failed in a state-level math exam. His family claims that his math disability is complicated by the education law that requires its students to pass math to earn their diploma.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 2, 2016, 17:04 [IST]
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