People Who Died While Making Love!

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Making love is something that is passionate and considered to be pious. It is one of the best ways how partners can connect with each other; and there is no better way than expressing your emotions in actions than in words.

Though this is considered to be the best way of expressing your emotions, it is wrong if both the partners are not ready for the act.

Here, in this article, we've shared the list of people who have died during the act of lovemaking or adultery.

These are the cases in which people have died in the most embarrassing situations possible and their partners have had to face the guilt.

Some of these cases can make you think how can anybody even think of trying out something so weird, while a few of these cases may make you giggle.

So, read on to find out more about the people who died during a lovemaking session.

The Man Who Choked His Girlfriend With A Cucumber!

We have often heard of different items that are used during the act of lovemaking. Though most of them are weird, they are dangerous as well. A man named Oliver Dietmann, 46 years of age, accidentally killed his lover, Rica Varna, who was also 46 years old, by stuffing a cucumber down her throat. It choked her and she instantly died. Unlucky him, as he was charged of negligence homicide and had to pay for it.

Nelson Rockefeller

He was a four-term governor, a former vice-president of the USA and was one of the most prominent scions of America's most famous wealthy family who died in a very embarrassing way. He was in an act with his secretary when he got a heart attack and died at the age of 70 years.

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The Lovers Who Were Shot Dead

A couple named Shakoor Arline, 25 years, and Lisa Smith, 32 years, were shot in their head several times by an unidentified man. This case is considered as a case of passion killing, as the bodies of the lovers were found to be naked in the back of a parked SUV.

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A Man Who Died While Raping An Elderly Woman

Now, this is called Karma, and it can be very harsh at times. A 53-year-old man named Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez tried raping an elderly woman; and during the act, he stopped, as he felt breathless. The lady thought he passed out, as he was drunk. When she managed to call the cops, they revealed to her that he died of cardiac arrest.

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The Actor Who Died Of Autoerotic Asphyxiation

David Carradine was a well-known actor who had a weird fetish of tying himself up during the acts. He was found dead after he had accidentally strangled himself in his neck and his male organ. One of his wives revealed that he had enjoyed doing this!

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The Woman Who Was Electrocuted

A woman named Kirsten Taylor had a tragic end while having a wild session of lovemaking with her husband. They liked giving each other electric shocks while making love and on one unfortunate incident, it became tragic and Taylor lost her life.

The Guy Who Guzzled A Bottle Of Viagra

A Russian mechanic named Sergey Tuganov had a bet with 2 women who had asked him to make love for 12 long hours. To win the bet, he popped in an entire Viagra bottle, which gave him a massive heart attack. But boy, he died after he completed his bet!

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 12, 2016, 12:43 [IST]
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