Oops! Hysterically Funny Photo Bloopers

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This is the world of "selfies", and we see people of any age have the craze for this. Be it an outing or checking in a new mall, the first thing that everybody does these days is to update a selfie of their doing "stuff" on their social sites.

By doing this, people think they look cool, but a quick background check can totally save them from all the trouble and embarrassment. We mean, TOTALLY!

In this article, we are here to share some of the most hilarious photos that went viral instantly. Well, what went wrong with these photos? Have a look, and you'll know what we're trying to say here.

Check them out and have a hearty laugh, while some may even make you feel disgusted.

1. Poop Selfie

The most disgusted and crappy award goes to this chick!!

2. Bathroom Check

Bathrooms in malls are the famous spots for many to click pics. Here, you see the girls concentrate on their pout more than checking their background.

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3. Mama's Stare

The teenager feels she's looking all sexy and cool.. but wait, check her mum's dead look. It tells it all.

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4. Office Porn

Dude! Do you realise that you are at work right now?

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5. Nude Walk

Okayyy, did he just forget the most essential wear, his pants!!!

6. Zombie Walking

People are just crazy! Check the guy in the background. Wonder which zombie attacked him in broad daylight?

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7. Washroom Poser

This chick thinks she is looking all cute, but see the blunt act in the background. Oops!!

8. Nose Digger

Who would concentrate on your prawns when we can see the little one digging the crap out!

9. Sissy Revenge

Ohh, Poor boy! This has got to be the worst revenge ever!!

10. Parenting Fail

Hey mum, one suggestion. Check on your kid before walking around this way!

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Story first published: Friday, February 26, 2016, 12:09 [IST]
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