OMG Moments Caught By Tourists!

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When you travel to a new place, all that you would want to do is to click images of places and things around that you see. However, what happens when you click some amazing, OMG and WOW moments?

Well, we here at Boldsky have shared some of the epic and OMG moments in this article which tourists have witnessed while travelling.

These images are the ones that have been captured at the most unexpected moments in their cameras. So, check out these interesting images that will blow your mind off and make you simply say, WOW!

Though we witness so many things happening around us, we do not capture these moments instantly, as they usually happen in a fraction of a second.

From a volcanic eruption, a thief being caught to a soldier tripping, you can find anything that will just make you feel oh-so great. So, check these out!

A Robbery At Gun Point On A Helmet Camera

This is a worst thing to happen while you travel. A group of tourists were cycling along the Buenos Aires who later got a shock of their lifetime when a robber in a bike came up to a cyclist and asked him to handover his backpack. He was lucky enough to not get shot by the thug and his luck got better when he had a cop at the end of the road.

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A Shark Stalking Its Prey

A tourist filming on an Italian beach captured an epic moment when the shark was stalking its prey until the beach. The fish managed to escape, as it reached the shore and the shark had to go back in water.

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A Thief Whose Escape Was Foiled

This thief named Ahmed Hassan is believed to have flicked $50 from a pedestrian before jumping into a car to get away. The victim jumped back in the same car and forced the vehicle into the wrong side, after which they scuffled and this was all captured by a Russian tourist.

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A Tumbling Trooper

This was just another day for the guardsmen at the Buckingham Palace. A tourist was capturing the Changing of the Guard when one of the guardsman slipped and fell on the ground. Even after the fall, you can see the men carry themselves well, as they were on their duty.

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A Volcanic Eruption In Papua, New Guinea

A 58-year-old Australian man named Phil McNamara was on a small boat when he witnessed this amazing scene. A volcano erupted from Mount Tavurvur on the coast of Papua, New Guinea. This truly amazing picture was captured by him.

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A Paddle-boarder "Surfing" On A Whale

Yeah, you read that right; and this man just did it, and the best part is, a tourist captured this epic moment. Mark Jackson was on his regular surfing board when a whale surfaced up on water at the Kailua-Kona beach in Hawaii. The surfer calmly paddled 400 yards back on to the shore.

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The Tunisia Beach Shooting

This is something worse that can happen to anybody on their holiday. A couple were just chilling at the beach when they heard loud gunshots. Initially, they thought it was some crackers that made this noise; however, once they realised it was an attack, they rushed back to their room where they captured the incident. Lucky enough that they were not close to the attacker!

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 12:44 [IST]
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